Playlist of the Week: Songs to Keep You Company This Valentine’s Day

From Blues-style romance to melancholy reflections of heartbreak, this week’s special playlist features love in all its variations: platonic, romantic, familial, and more. Whether you want songs to make you feel less lonely or a way to celebrate love for friends and family, there’s a track to help everyone set the perfect mood for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Scan the link below to listen! 



Emory Wilson ’23 (In an email to The Phillipian)

“One of [my favorite] love songs would be ‘Like Real People Do’ by Hozier as it expresses a deeper love which transcends the normally sung stories. The lyrics and tune hold a bittersweetness and a resigned melancholy tone which intertwines with the lyrical attempts to forget the ‘reality’ of their love and lays heavy on the heart in a comforting manner. Despite a somewhat somber first impression, the message relayed by the song to love unconditionally and without being dictated by the past or present is what makes ‘Like Real People Do’ one of the best love songs.”


Nigel Savage ’23 

“‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye. I like this song because it sets a mood and tone really well and always leaves an impression on its audience. I’d consider it a soul music genre, maybe blues. I am drawn to that style because I love Marvin Gaye. I think the lyrics are moving and thoughtful but the rhythm in which he speaks really puts the audience in a mood. His voice stands out the most. This song bears meaning to me due to its popularity in black culture.”


Ashley Park ’24

“‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael. It’s a really popular song, especially when I was in middle school. A lot of people liked it, most likely because of the background music, but for me, I really liked it because of the lyrics. It portrayed young love, all the good and bad things that happen in love and relationships, and that’s why I think I still really enjoy it. This song got popular recently because of this one section: ‘Tonight the music seems so loud, I wish that we could lose this crowd. Maybe it’s better this way, we’d hurt each other with the things we’d want to say.’ As a person who has experienced different kinds of love, these few lines really stood out to me.”


Brian Chica-Herrera ’24

“‘Strawberry’ by Lui Joseph. It’s about the strawberry fragrance of a person, [and] the things that you find sweet about them. The beat, the melody [is] all light and eerie, and it’s fun to listen to. It’s a pop song, the beat and especially the lyrics are nice to listen to. They’re not really repetitive, more like cyclical. They help you really feel the music. Lyrics like: ‘The way that she moves is unreal’… it’s very smooth, it gives you the urge to dance. It reminds me of the people that I love, the strawberry sense, the fragrance of home.” 


Pauline Huang ’23

“‘以后别做朋友’ [‘The Distance of Love/Let’s Not be Friends Anymore’] by Eric Chow is about a person trying to abandon his hope for a romantic relationship with his friend. I like this song because Eric Chow artfully depicts anguish and sadness in his lyrics and musical composition. His songs are very popular in China among youth culture.”


Kate Lee ’23

“My favorite love song is ‘Pretty Boy’ by the Neighbourhood. This mellow song describes what it feels like to be completely enamored with someone, to the point that you are just happy they are with you even in the darkest of times. Some of the lyrics include: ‘As long as I got you/I’m gonna be alright.’ ‘Pretty Boy’ is a must-listen for those who enjoy slower and calmer love songs.”


Dakota Chang ’23 (In an email to The Phillipian)

“Made by a rising Japanese Indie-Rock Band Cody・Lee(李), ‘我愛你’ is a song that perfectly embodies the feeling of falling in love. Its clever lyrics illustrate a romantic tale in the modern Japanese world and span across the globe. The rock band also decided on an old Hong Kong aesthetic for the music video, setting the scene in a[n] old Hong Kong cafe, adding to the retro, 80s vibe of the melody. The upbeat tone and brilliant guitar solos make the song a perfect addition to any Valentine’s playlist.”