Arts Look of the Week

Cam Wacker ’21 Takes Risks in her Fashion Choices Through Versatility and Accessories

Cam Wacker ’21 pairs a black short-sleeved shirt with black trousers. A red and green plaid sleeveless top wraps around her chest. She finishes her look with four gold bracelets on her left arm.

“I like taking risks with what I wear, and I like switching up the type of aesthetic that I have depending on the day… some days I’ll wear skirts and a shirt, but other days I’ll wear ripped cargo pants and have a much edgier vibe,” said Wacker. 

Wacker’s friend, Su Chermayeff ’21, cites this versatility as a key aspect of Wacker’s style, specifically in her accessorizing.

 “Her style is very simple, but then she has a lot of pieces that are out of the ordinary, so she’s able to take something simple, like, let’s say, black jeans, or black boots and a white T-shirt, but then she’ll have a crazy piece of jewellery that’s very unique, or she’ll have a jacket that’s bright neon green.”

Wacker’s style was not always so versatile; before coming to Andover, she had to wear a school uniform, which she described as preppy. However, over the course of her years at Andover, Wacker has developed her own independence. 

“Coming to Andover just gave me more of a platform to take risks with what I wear, and I got to choose from more than just a plaid skirt and button-down and every day, so it’s been nice to switch it up,” said Wacker. 

Wacker revealed that it was after discovering the Andover Edition her Lower year, she felt encouraged to branch out with her style. 

“During [Lower] year, I realized that a lot of my friends were wearing cool clothes. A lot of my friends were on Andover Edition and so after looking, I followed [the Instagram] because one of my friends runs it. After looking at the styles, it motivated me to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try new things,” said Wacker. 

Wacker’s friend, Athena Rogers ’21, also noticed this evolution. She notes that she feels Wacker’s growing confidence also helped her become more bold with her fashion choices and take more risks with color and expression. 

“She’s always had really good style, but I think now she’s gotten a little bit more expressive, wearing very outstated, colourful statements more. I think it’s a really good look for her. I think everything’s a really good look for her, but she’s been doing a really good job of styling things that I feel like a lot of people would have trouble with,” said Rogers.