Playlist of the Week 1/14: Andover’s 2021 Wrapped

In 2021, students pumped songs through their headphones while walking on the paths, danced to their favorite tracks in their rooms, and relaxed to playlists while studying. Featuring artists from the Weeknd to Montell Fish to the Wild Reeds, The Phillipian’s Playlist of the Week includes a wide range of genres––nostalgic, festive, classic, melancholy––we have the works! Scan the code below to listen to this week’s playlist.


Adam Hassanein ’22

One song that got me through 2021 was “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd. Personally, the Weeknd is probably my favorite artist and “Save Your Tears” is such a versatile song in my opinion. It can be a sad song for when you’re feeling down in the dumps and it’s also incredibly catchy, and I used to always dance to it in my room by myself. 


Giuliana Cardinale ’25

Right now, I have been listening to my favorite artists named Montell Fish. And I really like their song, “Call U Tomorrow.” Montell Fish is just describing him[self] and I’m pretty sure his romantic partner… I love the vocals of it. For me, I like to listen to it when I’m walking, by myself or just to think, because it’s a very meaningful and deep song for me.


Lydia Mechegia ’24

A song that got me through my study sessions in 2021 was “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber. I love the song, especially when I’m studying, because it motivates me to get my work done and has overall good vibes. It is also a festive song that puts me in the holiday spirit during Christmas time.


Alanna Olsen ’23

I use Spotify, and at the end of each year it gives you your “Spotify Wrapped”… [and] my top song was “Streets” by Doja Cat. I would say that the genre of “Streets” is R&B. The reason it was my top song is probably because I really liked the beat of the song and it was both really calming but catchy, and overall, I love Doja Cat. 


Elliot Chung ’24

One song that really got me through 2021 was “Canal St.” by A$AP Rocky featuring BONES. I think the track is very under-appreciated, partly due to it being in the same album as classics such as Jukebox Joints, L$D, and Everyday. The contrast between A$AP Rocky’s faster verses relative to BONES’ slow and smooth chorus makes a very enjoyable song.


Phoebe Adams ’22

A song that I would recommend is, “Fall With Me” by the Wild Reeds. This was my favorite song throughout 2021, and I must’ve listened to it a hundred times. It’s sweet lyrics and melody are soothing, and almost nostalgic.


Emerson Kington ’24

One song that really helped me stay relaxed throughout 2021 was “World Domination” by Joey Bada$$. The album is one of Joey’s more popular as he released it when he was 17 years old so it quickly became popular. The album has the feel of an old-era rap song that I found to be very appealing and unique with a variety of odd beats that give you the feeling that those who recorded this really tried to express themselves.