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‘Using Brain Rather than Just Fingers’: Senior Soloist Lexie Mariano ’21 Transcends Technique to Meditate on the Music

Celebr-Asian Talent Show Brings Unity Within the Asian Andover Community

Ariel Wang ’21 Combines ‘Non-Standard’ Flute and Piano Repertoire in Senior Recital

ArtRage Renga Writing Workshop Fosters Collaboration and Solidarity Among AAPI Students

Isabel Chin’s ’21 Senior Recital Is the First Live Concert at Andover in Over a Year

After Andover: Conductor Robert Ziegler Summer Session ’69 Forges A Unique Career Path with Diverse Repertoire

Black Artists at Andover

Dancer Iris Guo ’23 Uses Dance as a Getaway while Experimenting with Different Styles

“Monologue Madness” Fosters Supportive Competitiveness and Provides a Safe Space For Performers

Nine Rom Coms To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Currents/Crosscurrents Addison Exhibition Highlights Marginalized Narratives of American Art History

Photographer José Alvarado Jr. Captures Authenticity in Untold Stories

LOTW: Alanna Olsen ’23 Borrows Vintage Clothing Items from Parents’ Closets

Lexi Tucci ’22 Channels Creative Energy and Emotion through Dance

After Andover: Art Advisor and Curator Andrea Feldman Falcione ’83 Builds Network Through Diverse Job Experiences

Drama Labs Virtual Halloween Special Show Brings New Opportunities for Performers

Magician Chris Xia ’23 Derives Motivation from Audience Interactions

Dancer Alexandra Koch-Liu ’22 Never Stops Striving to Reach the “Unreachable Perfection”

Latin Cuisine and Culture: Stories of Food and Family

LOTW: Kennedy Ndiaye ’22 Embraces Details with Jewelry

Sabby Clemmons ’22 Mixes Spontaneity and Experimentation into her Baking Batter

Actor to Producer: Ioanna Ninos ’21 Promotes Communication Within the Theatre Department

Adya Chatterjee ’22 Voices the Unvoiced Through Her Poetry

Drumline Performs with Homemade Instruments at Virtual First ASM

Poet Gayatri Rajan ’22 Develops Different Perspectives through Writing

Sketch Comedy Group Incorporates Aspects of Andover Life Into Performance