Sketch Comedy Group Incorporates Aspects of Andover Life Into Performance

A. NEAL/The Phillipian

The sketchy performance touched on many familiar topics relating to campus, making the show more relatable and enjoyable for audience members.

In the packed Theatre Classroom, [c][d][e]Lou Lou Sloss ’22 dramatically addressed Andover’s option of taking robotics as a sport. Audience members burst out in laughter as she claimed, “Do you know what my robot does? My robot is programmed to circumcise people.”

Sketchy, a sketch comedy group, held its termly performance this past Friday. Through short comedic skits pertaining to well-known events on campus, the performance encouraged students to enjoy themselves and promote a more cheery atmosphere on campus. Co-Head Ina Megalli ’20 noted on the performance’s successful outcome.

“We just wanted to have fun and hopefully the audience had fun… A lot of people showed up, and we had a lot of new kids,” said Megalli.

According to Kaia Heslin ’23, one of the actresses, Sketchy performances help students relieve stress from their daily academic involvements.

“I saw the posters [about Sketchy] and I thought they were really funny, so I decided to show up to auditions… I think it’s really cool that they have comedy groups on campus because I know that school life can be really tiring and vigorous,” said Heslin.

The performers’ skits were often accompanied by cheers and laughter from the audience. Attendee Ananya Madduri ’23 noted how Sketchy contributed to Andover’s encouraging environment.

“One of my really good friends, Kaia Heslin, was performing today and she was featured. I think it’s great to show support for someone that we all love very dearly, and I think that’s what Andover is all about—supporting people,” said Madduri.

The show covered many familiar topics that occur often around campus. According to audience member Zadia Rutty-Turner ’23, the skit about looking at the Weekender stood out to her.

“The act really conveyed little things about the campus nobody really notices, especially the end piece when they’re going over the Weekender,” said Rutty-Turner.

By incorporating small facts and daily experiences on campus and turning them into witty jokes, Sketchy presented a new lens through which to view life at Andover, according to audience member Dakota Chang ’23.

Chang said, “[It] shows a different perspective or comedic and funny way of seeing everything that’s happening around campus.”