New Student COVID-19 Reactions

Fallon O’Connor ’23 – Softball

I was upset that I wouldn’t get to play the sport I love, especially with an awesome, supportive team this season. I know that all my teammates worked really hard before break to prepare for our spring training trip to Florida. We continue to chat with and check up on each other frequently in our team group chat to stay in contact, along with a Zoom call. I think that although it is unfortunate that we are unable to see one another, health should be everyone’s priority. It is important that we stay inside and quarantine so that everyone can get well and we can see each other sooner. Almost every day I work out, go for runs, and continue to practice my softball skills.

Sawyer Paul ’22 – Boys Lacrosse

It started with finding out the lacrosse spring break trip to Arizona was cancelled so that was not a good sign. When I found out we weren’t going back this spring, I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to Spring Term and the lacrosse season. It would’ve been my first season playing lacrosse at Andover, so I was excited for that. I was hoping to get to know some of the guys better over the course of the season… I’m coming off a hand injury from my hockey season this winter, so I’ve been trying to rebuild my strength during this time.

Lucy Booth ’23 – Girls Lacrosse

It’s hard to hear this is going to be the first time in five years that my spring hasn’t been full of lacrosse practices and games… I am incredibly upset that I lost the rest of my [Junior] year, but I do understand that my class still has another three years at Andover. To the Seniors, I am so sorry for what you lost, but I hope you come to visit, and I cannot wait to see where you go in life. To stay active, I go on daily runs and use the time to focus on strengthening my body to perform in sports again. Just because the season is cancelled doesn’t mean I can’t get better. I teach myself stick tricks and hit the bounce back with goals to constantly grow my skills.

Glen Cahilly ’23 – Boys Track & Field

The moment spring track was officially canceled, I was somewhat disappointed for myself but especially my Senior teammates. Now that I think back on it, however, I realize that this is how life goes, and there are always foreseeable-unforeseeable events and we have to take them in stride and make the most out of our situation… I’ve been in contact with my teammates through an app called Strava, where runners and cyclists upload their workouts. Our track coaches, namely [Coach Patrick Rielly], have done an amazing job making the most of this app, allowing and encouraging us to communicate with each other as normally as possible through Strava. As I said above, it’s something we just have to work through.

Thomas White ’23 – Baseball

I kind of saw it coming, but the moment I found out [Spring Term] was canceled, it was just a massive wave of frustration and disappointment because me and all the other guys have been training and hitting all winter long, and for it to be all gone just like that was so annoying… I don’t have any specific thoughts besides I hate [the virus] for taking my baseball season and ruining vacation and whatnot. I have been and will continue to work out every day and continue to long toss as well as hit and pitch on the field every weekend.

Alex Zhu ’23 – Boys Tennis

I had been playing with people from the team many months before tryouts, and to have the season canceled like that was unfortunate. We still talk even though we’re not playing tennis. I just hope that it goes away as soon as possible. I’m not playing tennis at all as a result of the coronavirus. I will probably do things such as running and pushups, just so I’m staying in shape.