Phillipian Commentary: Response to COVID-19

I was shocked when I first read the email from Mr. Ventre and Ms. Sweet on March 10. I had no idea the outbreak would spread to these extremes. Upon my initial reading of the email, I was frustrated by the decision. I simply wanted to go back to campus and see my friends again. However, the more I think about it, I realize how the school’s closure was totally necessary considering how dangerous the disease truly is. My father is 64 years old and is also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His medical condition makes him more prone to being affected by the virus, which is especially frightening for my family members and me.

I felt unsure about the effectiveness of online classes when I first found out that they were going to be implemented. I worried about academic integrity and all students breezing through the term with 6.0s. However, after hearing about the decision to make the term pass/fail, I feel that the online courses will be successful. I know of many schools that simply cancelled classes entirely, so the decision to instruct students online was a great decision on the faculty’s behalf.

Though I will miss my friends a lot throughout my separation from campus, I am especially disappointed about the cancellation of most of the lacrosse season. This entire experience is troubling for myself; I can’t even imagine how the Seniors must be feeling right now.

Like many others, I have been having trouble remaining calm in the midst of this whole outbreak. Hearing the news makes me anxious, and it is especially difficult for me not to feel apprehensive. However, I try fighting off these feelings by using this extra time that I’ve had to bond with my family. It’s not often where we’re all quarantined in the same house, so I hope to make best use of our time together. After some time, I’ve realized that the quarantine is not as bad as I thought it would be. I’ve had a lot of time to myself, which I’ve effectively used for both reflection and leisure.

Remember to wash your hands!