Phillipian Commentary: Response to COVID-19

Sunday, March 8, was the last time I was on campus before the true outbreak of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. We were driving back to Montreal that night, and the roads were noticeably deserted as there was close to zero traffic near the border. At home, I’ve been taking the proper precautions by washing my hands for roughly 20 seconds after every activity I complete. Yesterday I ran a few errands for my mom and had to go to the local grocery store, where the majority of the shelves were bare: not a roll of toilet paper to be seen, no Purell, bananas or even meat. Being inside all day and sitting on the sofa can be quite boring, so be sure to get up and move. Whether you are doing yoga, your workout or even cleaning the house, this physical activity will make you feel much better and you will feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion. Municipal pools and arenas have closed to fight the spread of the pandemic. Several restaurants have turned to delivery and limited take-out to reduce the number of people with which workers may come in contact. All this being said, it is important that whether you demonstrate the symptoms or not, please refrain from leaving your house without reason as you may be a carrier of the virus and could spread it to those who are most vulnerable.