Phillipian Commentary: Corona Experience

My experience with the coronavirus has been so-called “quiet” compared to the stories that I see and hear every day on the news. The major effect that the outbreak of the virus has had on my family was that we had to cut our vacation to Punta Cana three days short. We decided to leave early because we found out that President Trump was closing travel from Europe, so we played the safe card and left. Traveling was quite scary: airports were flooded with people wearing masks and the air was full of fear. You could sense the tension across the entire airport. I was extremely cautious to not touch anything, keep my distance from people, and constantly wash my hands to keep myself and my family safe. As soon as we arrived home, we cleaned and disinfected everything and left our luggage in the garage to prevent any contamination. Life at home has been pretty dull because the only time I leave my house is to walk my dog due to the advised quarantine. In addition, my family has not seen my grandparents (whom we are accustomed to seeing daily) in order to keep them safe. I miss so many things about Andover: the people, classes, teachers, sports, etc. Finally, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful that my family has not been affected in greater ways because I know that many people in the world are hurting right now, and they have been affected in ways far worse than I have.