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Implicit Racism and Familial Dynamics: DramaLabs Explores Complex, Sentimental Themes

Making an Impression: The Hybrid, Thrifted Style of Maya Tang ’23

Pigeons and Post-Truth: Questioning Our Media Consumption

From Classical Jazz to Improvised Bebop: Andover’s Music Faculty Performs Annual Jazz Concert Ava Chen

Look of the Week: Arielsie Li ’24 Implements Both Fashion and Function in Personalized Streetwear Style

World-Renowned A Cappella Group The Whiffenpoofs Comes to Andover for “Hometown Concert”

Peabody Native American Pottery Collection Educates Students About Indigenous Culture

Investiture Performances Embody Themes of Hope and Peace

“Tokyo Vice” Pt. 1: Journalist’s Neon Descent Into Gang Life Off to Promising Start

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Solar Lu ’24 Experiments With Unique Centerpieces and Sustainable Fashion to Create a Distinct Style

Amina Hurd ’23 Innovates and Explores Different Cultures Through Baking

LOTW Spread: How Andover Teachers Use Fashion to Connect with Students in the Classroom

2022 Senior Concerto Competition Winners Perform with Phillips Academy Chamber Orchestra

10 Questions with Jeremiah Hagler

Hot Takes

Andover MovieMakers Club Organizes Annual Flash Flims Event After Break Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

2022 Flash Film Showcase: A Reflection of Andover Life, Culture, and Creativity Through Film

10 Questions with Midori Ishizuka ’11

Dance Open 2022 Embraces Diversity, Offers Fresh Opportunities to New and Established Dancers Alike

年年有 “鱼”/New Year with Fish to Spare: Dishes, Desserts, and More for the Holidays

Emily Boon ’23 Experiments Beyond Realism With Ceramics

10 Questions with Nicholas Sadnytzky

10 Questions with Ralph Lam ’22

Huda Abdulrasool ’22 Builds Style Around Bold “Centerpieces” With Versatile Wardrobe Staples

10 Questions with Kevin Siegfried

COVID-19 Protocols Anticipate the Challenge of Winter Sports’s Close-Contact Nature

“Life Itself” Dance Performance Celebrates Meaningful Human Experiences Despite Show-Cancelling Technical Difficulties

Ben Perez ’23 Provides Haircuts to Peers

Solar Lu ’24 Combines “Mystical” Style and Realistic Portraiture to Comment on Identity

LOTW: Jason Kim ’23 Finds Individuality and Comfort in Simplicity and Unique Color Combos

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