Hot Takes

Kevin Niu ’25: “Ever since elementary school, failure has been a defining action, something that should be avoided at all costs. Our current school system trains students to value grades above learning. We are convinced that success means getting an A and that failure is getting an F. In reality, jobs want to hire people who can solve a problem creatively, people who think outside the box. The majority of our classes teach us the opposite, that there is only one correct way to solve a problem. The goal of school should be to teach students how to fail and how to create a better world for everyone, not how to succeed through grades. Learning is defined through failing and not test-taking. Even though our parents send us all to school to get a “degree,” estimations show that one in three college graduates have a job that doesn’t require a college education. School commonly leads to fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression, social integration, and panic attacks. Schools have taught students to have a longing desire to be accepted by their classmates—a safe space for only those who fit in. Change in education is needed.”

Daniel Seong ’25: “People who think socks shouldn’t go with slippers just don’t know what they’re saying. The warm, comforting layer of the socks complement the casual and comfortable nature of slippers perfectly; they even go with almost any outfit. Those who say they don’t go together are just jealous of the coolness of people who know this style. I rest my case.”

Valencia Zhang ’25: “People who enjoy the original Cheez-It or the original Goldfish confuse me. First of all, we all know that those crackers taste resemble a taste far from cheese. They are simply nostalgic and crunchy. Not saying that I don’t eat them, but I would never explicitly enjoy them. Personally, I will only go for White Cheddar Cheez-Its or Xtra Cheddar Goldfish. It is only in those flavors that I feel truly happy with the cheese balance.”

Amber Chou ’24: “Vanilla ice cream is the best ice cream flavor of all time, and there’s nothing that comes even remotely close. The reason why is that it goes well with everything – [when] you think of a root beer float, it’s always vanilla ice cream, if you want toppings on your ice cream, you always have it with vanilla ice cream […] Vanilla’s always a safe choice, and it tastes great.”

Arielsie Li ’24: “Caterpillars are cute AF. They are squishy and round, which satisfies like 1/3 of the criteria for cute animals. Plus they have the pretty colors and tiny little feet. Their bodies are literally made of little round spheres, which is just really adorable. And the way they move around, all slow and clueless and whatnot, just make them more of some dumb cute little fellas.”

Tara Phan ’24: “Have you ever tried salsa by itself? Now, that is delicious. You can enjoy the taste of salsa without the crunch of chips scratching the roof of your mouth, […] It’s like a salad, but better. You won’t lay in regret realizing you’ve already consumed 30 chips—instead, you realize you’ve consumed a cup of flavored tomatoes. So if you’re ever hungry at 1 a.m. go downstairs and pour yourself a glass of salsa. You won’t regret it.”