Andover Edition’s Second “Bassment” Dance Gains Huge Success With Trendy Music and Blackout Theme

Andover Edition hosted their second-ever student-run “Bassment” dance last Saturday in Lower Right. Attendees wore all-black, and the monochromatic crowd gathered around a central DJ table, mimicking a boiler room-style party. Alina Chen ’27 reflected on her initial impressions of the dance.

“I loved the advertising. The posters I saw were all eye-catching and interesting to me and drew me in. I like the one on Instagram, their latest post. It spoke to me, and the things I find aesthetic. I feel like the event being student-run helped a lot with that,” said Chen.

The dance was not just a fun social event, but a chance for students to show their creativity by interpreting a broad fashion prompt. Even with the blackout theme, attendees showcased a diverse range of outfits. Andover Edition board member Carolyn Barbie ’24 discussed the idea behind a monochrome theme. 

“This one color allowed for a lot of liberty with clothing. I think a lot of people reached into their closet to find the one black thing in there. Because it’s one color, it allows you to mix a bunch of textures without it being cacophonous, and also I think that since it was known to be a hip hop dance, there was a big emphasis on wearing street style. That was kind of subconscious, but even with street styles, there’s a lot of liberty with experimentation,” said Barbie.

The Bassment Dance stood out from typical school dances with its unique and relaxed atmosphere. The dance strayed away from conventional formalities, creating a laid-back environment. Andover Edition board member Allie Encarnacion ’24 articulated her vision for the dance.

“We didn’t hold the theme pretense like Abbot, where it’s absolutely positive that you have to wear a dress or bring someone with you. It’s also really important that it’s completely student-motivated, so even before the dance starts, we want to see everyone have the best time and be safe,” said Encarnacion.

Many students echoed the sentiment that the dance’s simplicity and relaxed atmosphere provided a much-needed break from the daily pressures of life and a time to just hang out with friends. 

“I enjoy these kinds of weekend social events where you can kind of just relieve your stress a little bit and just focus on hanging out with your friends… I’ve been really interested in [Andover Edition] just because I enjoy styling and fashion, and I like their mission of being able to apply your passions to the community. That passion being fashion,” said Chen.

The theme of the dance has even influenced some students outside of the dance scene. Maddie Fletcher ’27 shared a personal style revelation that came about with the blackout theme, allowing her to tap into a new facet of her wardrobe.

“I haven’t worn anything not black since then, I don’t know why, but I ended up wearing this black denim jacket, and the jacket has influenced every outfit since then. I like it. I feel like black clothing is really easy to style and I haven’t broken out any of my black clothes, so once they came out it kind of broke the dam, and now I’m wearing strictly black,” said Fletcher.

Encarnacion and Barbie are currently thinking of holding more dances next term, both as a response to student feedback and as a final event for their last year on the Andover Edition.

“Ms. [Stephanie] Cormier, [Student Program Coordinator,] also asked us to potentially, potentially run it again in Spring. A lot of people reached out saying that we have to do it again. It was awesome to receive so much support,” said Encarnacion.