A Love Letter to the Class of 2023

As the end of the school year closes in, The Phillipian would like to take its time to thank the students of the Class of 2023 who have had a meaningful impact on our board members. Our board has found that a good upperclassman balances friendship with mentorship, acts as a goofy younger sibling and, at other times, is a dependable buoy in the tumultuous waters of Andover. As grizzled veterans of this school, they are able to offer advice and comfort in times of need. By simply being on campus for a greater time, Seniors lead the campus everywhere, acting as a Captain in sports matches and Co-Heads of a club, just to name a few. 

The following are quotes from our board members recounting their favorite experiences they have had with Seniors in their Andover careers. 

“You look up to [Captains] from the first time you step foot on the team to the time you say your final goodbyes. They lead by example, and even though, at first, you may be intimidated by them, they easily become some of the best people in your life.” 

“I find my swim Captains [to be] very inspiring and impactful in my life because of three main reasons: their responsiveness regardless of whatever their situation is, their ability to handle situations in a mature way, and their 100% commitment and determination for swimming. They always respond to my texts even if they are drowning in work, even if my text is about some random inside joke.” 

“I met many of my senior friends through the orchestra, and they were all so inviting and welcoming. After our fall orchestra concert, they were all planning on going downtown for dinner, and even though I had only known them for a few months, they invited me to come, and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone. Last year, after our rehearsal on Friday morning for our Commencement concert, we decided to plan a little dinner later that day to just decompress and destress after the long year. It was another Upper with around seven Seniors and me, and it felt like there was no age gap at all. Hanging out with them felt so natural.” 

“In the dorm: Just knowing that someone is ready and available to talk to you and understand your struggles at the end of every day is so meaningful. Even if you aren’t tired or sad, the constant reminder that ‘I’m here for you’ goes a long way, especially when you’re down, and you just need to be with someone.” 

“I do ‘family dinners’ with my old prefect once every few weeks and we just catch up on life with each other and chat over good food. She’s always been there for me (even when I called her at 2 am right before she had a soccer game when she was no longer my prefect) and knows me so well that her advice really works. She makes me feel seen with what I think are stupid problems and she never fails to say hi to me and give me hugs when I see her.”

“One time, when I was going through a really hard time, they [the Seniors] stayed up with me studying and writing essays until the sun rose. We were all tired and going through it, but we stayed together and cheered each other on through the night. When we all had to go to classes, even though I stayed up the entire night, I felt so much better and so understood and heard.” 

“[Seniors] gave me advice on how to lead clubs and organize groups of people together, get into contact with campus adults for reserving spaces, requesting monetary grants, opportunities, etc., [and also] how to approach people I’m intimidated by to socialize and build connections (not only with students but also teachers and faculty). [Seniors] looked over emails for me when I [had] just stepped into a new leadership position and was scared of sending emails to 200 people at a time.” 

In many areas, Seniors have played a role in the personal growth of our board members and, no doubt, students in Andover. Among the many seniors whose positive influence guides students into the future, we would also like to take this time to thank all former members of The Phillipian in the Class of 2023. We wouldn’t be here without you. When their three or four years with the school elapse, their position within the student body will be left open for our new Upperclassmen to fill. With kindness, reliability, openness, and experience, they have instilled in us to look toward the rest of our time on campus, their gifts supporting us throughout.

Thank you, Class of ’23.