A Statement from Upper Management, vol. CXLIII, to the Andover Community

Dear readers, 

In our 2020 State of the Academy survey, we used the Oxford Dictionaries’ definition of reverse racism, which is “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism on the basis of race directed against a member of a dominant or privileged racial group.”

This definition is flawed because it does not account for the systemic nature of racism. It is imperative to acknowledge the systemic power structures that contribute to racism, and we did not. 

We believe that our mistake may have caused hurt to underrepresented people of color in our community, and we are grateful to those who brought the matter to our attention.

We strongly encourage community members to use platforms such as Letters to the Editor or Commentary articles to discuss or respond to the survey. Whether the piece centers around this particular question or another, The Phillipian values your input. We will be more cognizant in the future. 


Upper Management, vol. CXLIII