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State of the Academy 2020

On April 17, The Phillipian, vol. CXLIII, sent out the 2020 “State of the Academy” survey to all Andover students in the hopes of obtaining valuable information about the school community.

Despite the challenges of not being on campus, The Phillipian received a participation rate of 93.2 percent of the student body— 1043 participants— surpassing our expectations. The anonymous survey asked a comprehensive set of 185 questions, throughout ten sections: General, Politics & Worldview, Wellness, Sex, Drugs & Alcohol, School, Campus Culture, Community Diversity, Discipline, and COVID-19. The 2020 issue is the first to include a Campus Culture section, as well as a COVID-19 section. We sincerely thank members of the student body for their willingness to share information and personal experiences for this special issue of The Phillipian, and we hope that the State of the Academy will serve to inform, enlighten, and create a more holistic narrative of the students at Andover.

To access the full SOTA website with more extensive results from the entire survey, click here.

To access the traditional PDF version of SOTA, click here.

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