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Talented JV Boys Basketball Team Looks To Extend Its “Dirty” Winning Streak

Going into its sixth week of competition, Andover Boys JV Basketball defeated Deerfield by fourteen points on Saturday at home, then followed up that victory with a 42-36 win at Cushing. The team is undefeated after seven games and hopes to keep the streak alive until the end of the season. Their record currently stands at 7-0.

Many players have had previous experience in the sport, according to Wynant Hubbard ’23.

“There are a lot of kids that have played basketball before at a high level back in their hometown. We have people who will definitely make varsity, by maybe their Upper or Senior year,” said Hubbard.

According to Hubbard, the team has a strong set of skills.

“Our biggest strength is our shooting. I don’t think we have a big clear-cut weakness…There are a few areas where we’re a pretty streaky team, like where we’re shooting well or shooting poorly, but other than that I don’t think we have a hole in our team,” said Hubbard.

The team is hoping to improve its intensity, according to Connor Klein ’22.

“We’ve been sort of struggling to get going at the beginning of games, but other than that we’re pretty strong…[We benefit from] strength in numbers. It’s not about just one strong person, it’s about every person contributing,” said Klein.

Through the rest of the season, the team hopes to keep their winning streak alive and beat Exeter again this year, according to Klein and Hubbard.

“We…want to get better as a team and just have fun,” said Hubbard.

The team also embraces a fun tradition during games to improve its score: taking a charge for a burger.

“When you step in front of the other team and let them knock you down, it’s a foul. If you take a charge, the coach will buy you a burger at Uburger,” said Hubbard.