Quad Day Promotes Community

To kick off the year, West Quad North and West Quad South hosted Quad Day last Sunday to bring students from all across campus together for the afternoon. Each dorm in the Quads manned a booth and hosted their own activities, ranging from selling dumplings to holding food-eating contests. The event was an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the Quads, connect with each other, and relax in the afternoon sun.

Pease House

This year, residents of Pease House hosted a Coke chugging contest, a dry-bread eating contest, and a marshmallow eating contest at their booth. If the participant succeeded in chugging the Coke in less than ten seconds, the Coke was given to them for free. A boisterous crowd gathered around the table whenever anyone decided to take the challenge of the Coke chugging or dry bread eating contest. “I think it is a great stall because it promotes a sort of community. You can hear a lot of cheers and it is something new that not a lot of people have done,” said Jeffrey Kao ’19, a resident of Pease House.

Adams Hall

Adams Hall sold a variety of Market Basket pies, along with free cups of apple cider. Their proceeds are going to help build latrines for a girls boarding school in Ghana. The project is part of Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative and is in partnership with the Peace Court. “[The students at the school in Ghana] are forced to go [to the bathroom] in the bushes, which can cause life-threatening illnesses and other sanitary issues,” said Leah Adelman ’17, a resident of Adams Hall. “I think it is really special that as a girls dorm, we are supporting a girls dorm in Ghana that is in need.”


Eaton Cottage

Laying on their backs in a row of six, students attempted to eat donuts hanging off of a string without using their hands. The fastest to finish their donuts won an additional box of donuts at Eaton Cottage’s booth. Spectators surrounded the area, cheering and recording their friends with their phones. “You had to really engage all your core muscles and engage your throat muscles so you wouldn’t choke on the donut. But other than that, it was a good workout,” said Serena Liu ’19, a participant in the donut eating contest.

West Quad South Day Students

Emily Jackson ’19 handed out free snow cones flavored with blue raspberry, grape, or cherry food coloring for West Quad South’s day students’ booth. “I really like [Quad Day] because I don’t think a lot of a people normally come to the Quads to just hang out; they usually go to the lawn. I think [our booth] is going pretty well. But relative to other ones, it is not going so well because it is really cold here and we are [handing out] snow cones,” said Jackson while manning the booth.