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Consistency Propels Andover’s Victory

Andover Boys Volleyball terminated a two-game losing streak with a 3-0 win against Choate on Saturday that brought its overall record to 3-2.

Since Andover already beat Choate 3-1 in its season opener at the beginning of the month, the team was familiar with Choate’s style of play. Andover relied on an offensive strategy that targeted its opponent’s weak blockers. This tactic was extremely successful, allowing the team to secure a sweep with set scores of 25-19, 25-9, and 25-17.

Offensively, Andover maintained its consistency, making smart plays that proved difficult for Choate to handle.

Co-Captain Austin Tuan ’17 said, “Offensively, we were able to run a very clean and efficient offense that threw their passers off-guard and that took advantage of their weaker blockers.”

Defensively, Andover stayed composed, relying on positioning rather than diving digs. Andover’s chemistry helped the team work as a unit and made it difficult for Choate to find holes in its defense.

“Defensively, we just all made sure we were in our positions and stayed disciplined through each point. We all communicated well, and we all had some really nice saves,” said Tuan.

For the first time this season, Andover was able to maintain its highest level of play through the entire contest. This feat has now raised the team’s expectations for itself as it looks ahead to its coming games.

Tuan said, “I think in our past two games against Exeter and NMH, we lost our rhythm. I definitely felt that we worked together much better in this game, and I hope that we can capitalize on that momentum and continue playing at the level I know we can play at.”

“We would like to transfer our consistent hitting and blocking from last game into the next game.” said Sean Pan ’17.

Isaac Blackburn-Johnson ’18 contributed multiple solid serves. He also got many blocks up front and found holes in Choate’s defense with his spikes.

“Isaac did a really good job of forcing [Choate’s] middle blocker to move side to side and placing his hits where the defenders left an open area,” said Tuan.

Tuan had an exceptional game against Choate, providing the team with much needed strong shots to boost Andover’s momentum.

Co-Captain Evan Park ’18 said, “Austin was consistently good throughout the game. He was there to supply the team with big hits that motivated the rest of the team.”

“Austin hit really well last game and was a great leader on the court. He coordinated plays and was at the heart of the team’s offense and defense,” said Pan.

Andover hopes to keep its momentum against NMH this Saturday.