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Captain Feature: Kasey Welch ’16

Possessing unparalleled spirit and energy, four-year Senior Co-Captain Kasey Welch ’16 has led Andover Girls Hockey to a 5-0-3 record. Along with her fellow Co-Captain Miranda Nestor ’16, Welch has contributed heavily with her strong leadership skills, unrelenting dedication to the team and positive attitude.

Teammate Courtney Masotti ’17 said, “She’s a great Captain, and I think she has a big presence on and off the ice, but one of her best qualities is her attitude. She is really upbeat and always excited about whatever we’re doing, and she has a way of being positive about anything and everything. I think that positivity brings energy that motivates us to push ourselves.”

Head Coach Martha Fenton ’83 also attributed Welch’s success as a Captain to her natural affinity for leadership. “Kasey is a huge presence for us both on the blue line and in the locker room. I would say it is her consistent and positive leadership that make her a tremendous Captain,” she said.

Since her Junior year, Welch has witnessed the extraordinary development of her team both on and off the ice. She said, “We have gone from not winning a game and few people being very happy in the locker room to being undefeated so far and developing what I hope has been a welcoming environment for every person on the team, young and old.”

Coach Fenton said, “Our goals are to improve as a team every day and to ultimately compete for the New England title, and Kasey and Miranda know better than anyone how much that would mean to this team. This team has come a long way since they were freshmen, and they have been a huge part of the upward climb.”

This season, Welch has particularly high expectations for her team, as the lineup has shown incredible promise thus far. With enough hard work and effort, she hopes that Andover will continue its stellar record and ultimately make a run at the playoffs.

Welch said, “I am extremely excited for this season for two reasons, the potential for the talent that we have on this team is unrivaled, and because I personally believe the dynamic on the team is the best it’s ever been. My goals for our season are to make it to playoffs and make sure people look back at the team this year and smile. Everyone has been working extremely hard on and off the ice, because they know what we can do if we set our minds to it.”

Throughout her Andover career, Welch has greatly developed as an athlete, and she looks to help her younger teammates do the same.

“This team has been one of my favorite parts about Andover, and it has pushed me to grow as a player and a person. I hope to return the favor to the players on the team this year,” she said.