CXXXI Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

While most students celebrated on the Wednesday night before Head of School Day, the new and old Phillipian boards packed into their newsroom. This week will be the last for The Phillipian Board CXXXI and the first of many for Board CXXXII. Former Editor in Chief Cora Lewis ’09 will entrust the paper to former News Associate Tim Ghosh ’10. Lewis said, “I have full confidence in Tim Ghosh, who just said, ‘Thank god tomorrow is Head of School Day, or else I don’t know how we’d put out the paper.’” Lewis said that she looks forward to a remaining year free of late-night deadlines and caffeine. “I’m planning on joining the Art Club and reading something other than ‘The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage,’” said Lewis. “I’m looking forward to starting Senior year. I’ve heard good things about the Great Lawn.” News Director Jack Dickey ’09, Executive Editor Zoe Weinberg ’09 and Managing Editor Annalee Leggett ’09 will depart from their Upper Management duties along with Lewis. But CXXXI has altered the positions on Upper Management for CXXXII. Dickey, Weinberg and Leggett will leave Upper Management in the hands of Managing Editors Celia Lewis ’10, former News Associate, and Benjamin Prawdzik ’10, former Features Associate. The three outgoing Upper Managers reminisced about their time in the newsroom, but were eager to pursue other hobbies and catch up on sleep. “The only way that I am able to recall concrete memories of spring term is by looking at the front page of The Phillipian,” Weinberg said. “It’s a mix of nausea, adrenaline and red ink on paper.” She added, “I’m very excited about getting much more passionately involved in Gospel Choir. I’m going to divert the passion I have here to my singing and swaying.” “I’m going to miss the camaraderie, the random hijinks and the occasional moments of seriousness that interrupted said hijinks,” Dickey said, shortly before tossing a slimy pretzel at Cora Lewis’s face. “I’ll miss the constant stream of Diet Coke and the musty, mildewy smell of the basement,” said Leggett. “And [I’ll miss] the old, drunk journalists that wander down here sometimes late at night.” Juliet Liu ’10 will be at the helm of the News section, with the new position of Executive News Editor. CXXXII News Editors Melissa Yan ’10, former News Associate, and Shane Bouchard ’10, former In-Depth Associate, will replace Alicia Keyes ’09 and Christine Choi ’09. Sebastian Becker ’10 will take over for Harrison Hart ’09 as Commentary Editor. Jennifer Schaffer ’10 will assume the new position of Chair of the Editorial Board. The work of In-Depth Editor Emma Goldstein ’09 is an act that will literally be impossible to follow, since the In-Depth section will meet its quiet death at the end of CXXXI. But former In-Depth Associate Hannah Lee ’10 will not be without a section—she will join former Arts Associates Nathalie Sun ’10 and Natalie Cheng ’10 as Arts Editors. Together, they will succeed Charlie Dong ’09 and Nette Oot ’09. Uppers Jack Doyle, Maggie Law and Spencer Macquarrie will step into the shoes of former Sports Editors Matt Gorski ’09, Mai Kristofferson ’09 and Jim Ricker ’09. Resident pranksters Lawrence Dai ’09 and Eli Grober ’09, former Features Editors, will leave the jokes to Billy Fowkes ’10 and B.J. Garry ’10 on CXXXII. Taryn Ferguson ’10 and Adam Levine ’11, Photo Directors, will be the ubiquitous campus paparazzi in place of Michael Discenza ’09, Production Director, and Sarah Sheu ’09, Photography Director. Erica Segall ’09, Writing & Copy Director, will leave the grammar nitpicking to Copy Editors Courtney King ’10 and Ben Podell ’11. In the Business and Advertising departments, Andrew Townson ’10 will take over as Business Manager from Berol Dewdney ’09, while John Yang-Sammataro ’10 will replace Britt Peltz ’09 as Advertising Director. Raya Stantcheva ’10 will take the computer and keyboard from Carl F. Jackson ’09 as the brains behind The Phillipian Online. Paul Chan ’10 will now lead The Phillipian’s Circulation and Publicity, succeeding Emerson Stoldt ’09. Scott Cuthell ’11 will be at Chan’s side in Circulation, replacing Arun Saigal ’09, Jacob Shack ’10 and Patricia Yen ’09. John McKenna ’10 will manage delivery, replacing Joey Atiba ’09 and Brian Russell ’09. After printing 30 issues of The Phillipian over the past year, Lewis said, “I think that we’ve changed the paper and it’s changed us. And I’m proud of where we’ve both ended up.” Looking to the future, Ghosh hopes to take CXXXI’s legacy and raise the paper to greater heights. He said, “I want The Phillipian to become more ingrained in the community, so when people want to know news about Phillips Academy, they’ll go to The Phillipian.”