Sadie Hawkins Dance: Last Minute Tips

Preoccupied with classes, sports, clubs and simply finding a date, it’s no wonder some of us haven’t quite managed to traverse Newbury Street for the perfect dress yet. Online shopping can be a hassle, not to mention awkward in terms of sizing. Although exciting for some, shopping for dresses and accessories is simply stressful for others. The annual Sadie Hawkins dance is held tomorrow night in Commons. Students’ interpretations of “semi-formal” differ greatly, and it’s interesting to see the wide array of apparel students wear. For girls, Sadie is a perfect excuse to purchase the dress that has occupied our minds for the past few days, weeks or even months. If you’ve procrastinated on buying a dress until now, here is a compiled list of reviews for good “Sadie Dress” stores found right here in downtown Andover. First Date is the perfect place to start browsing for potential Sadie dresses. The shop is cleverly divided into four main sections—Soiree, Sunday Stroll, Just Cocktails, and Rent-a-Movie—to differentiate between distinct styles. Although not primarily a dress shop, First Date has a vast array of cute dresses to choose from. Dresses range from $100-$300, and each style comes in several available sizes. Overall, the dresses feel trendy and modern. Ranging from casual jersey to dressy satin and from fitted strapless to looser shifts, everyone is guaranteed to find something they want. The colors stick to jewel-tones and feature classy, bold patterns and prints. Stop at this store first—chances that you will fall in love with a dress here are very high. First Date is located next to the Andover Cycle Shop behind CVS. Izzy’s has a good variety of designer dresses. Its general theme is slightly more bohemian than either Dresscode or First Date. The dresses feature sophistication and detail of cut rather than wild patterns. The majority of dresses tend to have simple, primary colors or basic, monochromatic colors with various patterns. Prices are generally around $100-$200. Izzy’s jewelry and accessories are also very classy. The designs are simple, utilizing wood, burnished metals and pearls. An array of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings complement almost any outfit. Izzy’s is located across the street from Dylan’s. Dresscode is always a classy option for Sadie dresses. The majority of the dresses are either black, white or solid colors. Styles range from flirty, sequined a-line frocks to longer, modern jersey dresses. Overall, Dresscode aims for an older, more sophisticated look. Prices hover around high $100’s to around $400, and different sizes are readily available. Additionally, Dresscode has a few pairs of neutral shoes, including booties and monochrome flats. Dresscode is located at 2 Elm Square, all the way at the end of Main Street. Christina’s Bridal, located above Starbucks, not only offers bridal dresses, but also sells cocktail and prom dresses. Although considered glitzy and extravagant by some, Carina & Co. does have noteworthy accessories. Prices are extremely reasonable. Items are usually not more than $10-$15. Hidden deep in the plethora of over-studded chandelier earrings and jeweled barrettes is a small box of classic earrings that are perfect for Sadie. Pearls, silver orbs and “diamond” studs are great for an intricately detailed dress as they add sparkle but don’t draw attention away from the outfit. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to look and feel more put together. One shop in particular, Beauty Solutions on Main Street, will paint your nails for $14 dollars and toenails for $20. Beauty Solutions also offers a wide selection of services. You can also get your eyebrows waxed for $10. Beauty and Main will wash, dry and style your hair for about $45. Andover Uptown Salon or Robert Jason Salon can blow out or style you hair in an up-do. If you don’t want to do your own makeup, or if you need to buy some new supplies, Beauty and Main at the end of Main Street sells all types of makeup and beauty supplies. They can also do your makeup for you, but the price is a bit excessive at $75. For guys, there isn’t too much you have to worry about. However, if you want a new tie, the Andover Shop on Main Street has a huge range of colors and patterns for a great, albeit pricey, place to look. Ties range from $45-$75. There you have it, ladies: the best Sadie shopping in our beloved downtown Andover. Stay strong when rummaging through a seemingly endless barrage of awkward dresses. Sooner or later, but hopefully the former, you will find the dress for you.