The Eighth Page


This week marks the debut of CXXX’s News Section leaders. Elinor Garcia-Garcia ’08 and Conor McKinnon ’08 are sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you read the most compelling section of The Phillipian. All-School Meeting summaries will be more informative than ever. You may stop waiting in Commons for the infamous hockey stick, because if Head of School Day is approaching, you will read about it in the Phillipian News section before it even happens. Nothing can stand between Elinor and Conor and a breaking news story. Whether it is a new shelter-in-place procedure, or new energy saving light-bulbs, these editors will not rest until the entire story is told. McKinnon said, “We’ll use quotes, a fact, then some more quotes to tell the story.” Conor and Elinor spend their time away from the News Section playing ping-pong, squash, and shuffleboard together. Some say the way the spend their free time resembles the average day of a senior citizen on a cruise. All that is missing is Bingo. “Soon,” McKinnon said, “Very soon.” Garcia-Garcia said, “The News Section promises to continue reporting proposed amendments to our academic calandar, as well as weather reports when it is unseasonably hot or cold.” –Madeleine O’Connor