The Cinematic Formula

In Defense of Accelerated Math Tracks

What is Art?

“Do You Like Anyone?”

Spiders are Alive Too

The Emotional Burden of Going Home

Sorry, I Can’t Go Because—

When Color Meets a PA Plate

The Toxicity of “The Body Positivity Movement”

Compulsory Voting: Right or Responsibility

Addressing Factual Inaccuracies

Give Us a Break

The Class Schedule is Also to Blame

What’s So Bad about Pumpkin Spice?

In Reflection: More than a Category

#1 Slacker

The Misconceptions of GMO Usage in Crops

Empathy, Balance, & Dilution

Digital Era: A Case of Textbook Controversy

It’s Time to Start Crying over Spilled Milk

Andover and the Digital-Forward Future

One Dollar is Not Enough

Acknowledgement Necessitates Action

Head of School Day: A Gift of Time

Cars, Carbon, and Congress

The Polls are Wrong. Here’s Why It Matters.

Lend an Ear

The First Essay

More Than a Blue Bin

Call Me By My Name

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