Girls Tennis Out of the Running to Reclaim NEPSAC Championship

Girls Tennis (13-3) competed at the Class A New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Quarterfinals, winning 5-3 against Greenwich Academy (Greenwich). However, the team lost 5-1 during the Semifinals against Hopkins, who went on to become the eventual champions. On Wednesday, Andover took a strong victory against Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter) at 8-1 in the final match of the season.

On Saturday, Andover played Greenwich and Hopkins in a bid to win the Class A NEPSAC Championship for the second year. Mercan Draman ’26 highlighted the team’s focus and grit during their matches.

“I would just say that everyone was very active in all their matches. They were all very focused, they were all attacking. No one was hitting really easy shots. Everyone was going for it,” said Draman.

During the Quarterfinals, Draman highlighted Kendra Tomala ’26’s resilience in persisting through a line call discrepancy and winning the match despite the ensuing conflict.

“When we played Greenwich, they started a fight, and parents got involved, and coaches were yelling… [Kendra] called something out, and the other team was sure that it was in even though it wasn’t… That was a really important match for us to win if we wanted to go on to the semis and Kendra won despite all the horrible circumstances,” said Draman.

On Wednesday, Andover ended its season 8-1 against Exeter. Mira Phan ’27 highlighted Co-Captain Lena Ciganer-Albeniz ’25 for playing skillfully in her singles match.

“Lena Ciganer stood out to me a lot, especially in her singles match. She was doing quite well on the court. She took her time with the ball and it was a really fun match to watch,” said Phan

Phan continued, highlighting the different formations the team has been experimenting with in doubles. The change up enabled the teams to win all three of its doubles matches on the way to their victory.

“For the past two to three weeks, we’ve been working on different formations in our doubles play… My sister [Tara Phan ’24] and I have been using a few I-formations just to experiment with it and I would say overall it went quite well. I also saw Amy Oku [’25] and Lara Madan [’27] use I-formation and it definitely helped a lot with the point,” said Phan.