Angie Ceballos-Cardona Represented the National Dominican Republic Softball Team in the Pan-American Championship

Angie Ceballos-Cardona’s ’25 softball journey transcends Andover’s diamond. With 18 teams competing in the Pan American Championship, the continental qualifier for the U-18 World Baseball Softball Confederation World Cup (WBSC), Ceballos-Cardona played for the National Dominican Republic Team. From her roots in the Dominican Republic to her aspirations on the global stage, Ceballos-Cardona’s narrative weaves through the ups and downs of elite competition, the cultural bond of the sport, and the unyielding support of her family.

Ceballos-Cardona explained how softball is not only one of her passions, but a sport that is closely tied to her culture, reflecting her Dominican heritage. It has helped her foster deep connections within her family and community, while instilling self-assurance.

Ceballos-Cardona said, “I am Dominican, and it is a really big part of who I am. Being Dominican means I am very involved in baseball and softball. I started playing t-ball when I was younger but started playing travel softball five years ago. From there I found love in the game. It is a part of my culture, I connected with my father through the game, and it has been him and I and my family throughout the years. I really love playing, it gives me a lot of confidence and it inspires me.”

Two years after beginning her club journey, Ceballos-Cardona became a member of the Rip City 18U Gold National Team. She recounted how this transition represented a pivotal moment in her softball journey, enhancing her abilities and challenging her to perform at the highest level.

“I have played with Rip City for the past three years. It is my first time being on the 18U gold national team. If I were to describe the team, I would say it is very competitive and a team meant to bring a group of girls together with the goal of getting recruited to play in college. Everyone is very hardworking, resilient and competitive when we are playing other teams and also with each other, we make each other better every single day,” said Ceballos-Cardona.

Ceballos-Cardona highlighted her father’s influence on her journey, highlighting the bond they share from their mutual love for softball.

“My father has definitely been my biggest supporter. He never misses a game. He practices with me, he has taught me everything I know. He not only has helped me with the physical side of the game but also the mental side of the game. He is always there to reel me back in when I lose my way. We have grown so close because I play softball, so he is now my best friend,” said Ceballos-Cardona.

Reflecting on her trip to Colombia with the National Dominican Republic Team, Ceballos-Cardona emphasized that the trip allowed her to reconnect with softball on a mental level, while firing her competitive spirit.

“I met amazing people along the way, we played amazing teams from around the world. We have played the best of the best, so going to war with these girls meant a lot to me and taught me a lot. Before coming on this trip to the Pan-American tournament with the Dominican team, I was struggling a bit with the mental side of softball, but on this trip I felt really healed and inspired by not only my teammates but also my coaches, and everyone who was rooting for us back home,” said Ceballos-Cardona.

Ceballos-Cardona continued, sharing how the time with the team resonated deeply with her identity and passion for the game.

“I am pretty speechless about my experience with the Dominican National Team. They are an amazing group of girls, they are amazing people most of all, but it’s such a talented team. I feel like my energy and passion for the game sometimes is not shared with my teammates. When I came to play with the Dominican National Team, I felt at home and like I was playing alongside girls who had that same energy and passion and understood what it meant to be Dominican, or Hispanic, or Latinx,” said Ceballos-Cardona.

Ceballos-Cardona reflected on her most memorable match against Mexico, highlighting their performance. Out of the 18 teams, Mexico landed the Bronze Medal in the Pan-American Championship, highlighting its competitive nature.

“My favorite game thus far has been our game against Mexico. Mexico is one of the strongest teams out of all these countries, and they have such a talented and amazing team and they also play with a lot of passion and fire. Overall it was a really great game and really good to be able to compete against them,” said Ceballos-Cardona.

As she navigates the next phase of her athletic career after participating in the biggest international youth softball competition, Ceballos-Cardona commented on her aspirations and opened up on the recruiting process.

Ceballos-Cardona said, “I am in the middle of the recruiting process right now. The next step for me is committing to a college for softball. I really want to go to a high academic school, carry over the educational opportunity I have had here at Andover over to a great college that will set me up for a great career. The plan has always been to use softball as an outlet to not only represent myself but also to pursue a higher education, so that is my main priority right now.”