Girls Squash Falls Against Loomis, Taft, and Tabor

Saturday 1/13 – Andover: 2, Loomis Chaffee: 5

Saturday 1/13 – Andover: 2, Taft: 5

Wednesday 1/17 – Andover: 0, Tabor Academy: 7

Andover Girls Squash (4-3) lost to both Loomis Chaffee and Taft in a tri-meet on Saturday. On Wednesday, Andover faced a strong Tabor team and was swept 0-7. 

Many players on the team went to an individual tournament on Saturday, so the team was left with fewer people to play in the matches. However, two players from the Junior Varsity Squash team joined the team, allowing Andover to still compete on Saturday.

Xu said, “Ella Kowal ’25 and Audrey Wan ’25 [who are] the JV [Co-Captains]… stepped up and took out a lot of their time on their weekends to help us out during this game.”

Due to the missing players, members of the team played four positions up against Loomis and Taft. Xu noted how despite this setback, the team was still able to keep up a good fight against its opponents. Andover won a total of four matches over the two games, with two wins from Jackie Brennan PG’24, one win from Ellie Israelov ’25, and one win from Ella Kowal ’25.

“It was very challenging for us. However, some of us won our matches. I was really proud of all of us, even the ones who lost like me. But I think it was a good experience overall,” said Xu. 

During the team’s match against Tabor, Minnie Kim ’27 mentioned how the team maintained a good attitude throughout the day. She specifically highlighted each player’s motivation to push through and compete, despite the score.

Minnie Kim said, “We had a tough loss, but we all fought really hard, and we tried our best. Everyone had a positive energy, no one was down, and everyone was being very supportive of each other.” 

Co-Captain Migyu Kim ’25 mentioned how the team will move forward from these losses and hone its skills throughout the season.

“We are going to keep on playing strong and keep on doing fitness drills. I think also keeping it motivated, our team community is very important so we need to stay motivated,” said Migyu Kim. 

Andover Girls Squash will play Phillips Exeter Academy at home on Saturday.