Audrey Powers ’24 Powers Through Every Day With Bold and Confident Style

Powers gains inspiration from Pinterest and from models like Bella Hadid for her streetwear style.

Powers loves gold jewelry and layering necklaces.

Powers’ go-to pair of white New Balance sneakers.

Sporting low-waisted tan sweatpants and a brown zip-up crop top with long sleeves, Audrey Powers ’24 pairs her “athleisure” outfit with New Balance sneakers. She completes the look by layering gold necklaces, including chains and pendants.

The common saying “look good, feel good” is not just a catchphrase for Powers — it is a guiding philosophy for her style. When Powers stands before her wardrobe, she sees an opportunity to project an authentic version of herself into the world.

“We manifest the life we want in the choices we make each day. That starts with how you present yourself, how you look in the mirror and see and think… Having that style helps boost your confidence, and it’s going to boost your confidence in your physical appearance, your taste, and just every aspect of your life. That’s why I think it’s true. Look good, feel good,” said Powers.

When time allows, Powers likes to devote effort and thought to be creative with her daily outfits. Variables such as weather, comfort, and mood frequently influence her clothing choices, and Powers often chooses to brighten an outfit with a pop of color from her wardrobe. Powers described one of her favorite outfits from the Fall Term.

“I had some white denim shorts. They were short, and a little, slightly tattered, paired with my favorite blouse… It is breezy and with half the buttons done up, but it just flows really well. The white top and the white shorts were great, but then I matched them with a deep red belt, a deep red leather belt with a silver buckle, and just some earrings with silver metal. And I just thought that was so fun… I love to wear red, and I love having that in that outfit as a statement piece,” said Powers.

Powers’ display of confidence is dynamic, reflecting the ever-changing nature of her life. On challenging days, she deliberately chooses clothing that exudes power and strength.

“When I want to project a certain emotion or manifest one for myself, like on days when I know I have a hard test or something, I want to wear something cute, kind of powerful. Just [so] I feel that extra confidence,” said Powers.

In addition to basing clothing on emotions, Powers draws her inspiration from a variety of different sources and outlets. She also finds herself captivated by influencers and models online, as well as her peers’ styles. 

“I love Pinterest, as everyone else does. Also, there are some influencers I love. I like Bella Hadid’s streetwear style. I know mine isn’t exactly alike, but I’m trying to branch out a little bit more, and her style inspires me. I also really like Jo Brand, specifically on their Instagram and their website. The way they style their products, I think it meets very much my ‘athleisure’ style,” said Powers.

While Powers hopes to work in either tech research or a corporate job in the future, she hopes to incorporate her aesthetic choices into her outfits wherever she goes. In addition, Powers aims to further develop her style while remaining loyal to her authenticity. 

“I want to hold up my goals, to hold on to my own style as long as I can, [and] to stay true to me. I’m just excited to see where it goes, see how it evolves. I don’t have a specific style, aesthetic, or influencer that I like to conform to. I like to just see where my style takes me,” said Powers.