Field Hockey Loses First Game of Season to Noble and Greenough After Dominating Deerfield

Ava Murphy ’24 is committed to Liberty University for Field Hockey.

Kimberly Duplessis ’27 plays her first season with Andover Field Hockey.

10/28 – Andover: 4, Deerfield: 1

11/1 – Andover: 1, Noble and Greenough: 2

Despite having a flawless 13-0 record moving into its game against Noble and Greenough School (Nobles), Andover Field Hockey (13-1) lost its undefeated streak on Wednesday in a heartbreaking match. Prior to the game on Wednesday, Andover ended its weekend strong with a win against Deerfield Academy away on Saturday. 

According to Maren Boyle ’26, the team had a slow start on Saturday due to Deerfield’s intensity. However, it was able to regroup during halftime and ultimately win the game. 

“I thought that we had a bit of a slower start because Deerfield has been the most aggressive team we’ve played so far. We recovered during halftime, and our passing improved a lot, allowing us to win the game,” said Boyle.

The game was in a deadlock going into the second half, and a crucial moment was needed to break the tie. Boyle highlighted the critical penalty stroke that led to a goal and a boost in team spirit during the game.

Boyle said, “In a pivotal part of the game, we were in our attacking circle and earned a penalty stroke, which led to a score that shifted the momentum and gave us some confidence. A penalty stroke is basically a free shot. A player must line up the ball on this dot which is eight yards from the net. It is awarded for an intentional foul inside the circle.” 

Corrine Spade ’27 also stated that the penalty stroke, scored by Captain Shea Freda ’24, was a big confidence booster for Andover. She added that the coach’s halftime talk was vital in altering the team’s morale. 

“When Freda scored her penalty stroke, it was a big momentum shifter. In the first half of the Deerfield game [things weren’t] going our way. Coach gave us a talk, and Shea’s penalty stroke was incredibly important in shifting the momentum,” said Spade. 

Despite a great effort by the entire team, Field Hockey fell short on Wednesday. Spade talked about the intensity and aggressiveness between the two teams. 

Spade said, “[There] wasn’t anything particularly wrong, we were just stopped a lot. We came in with intensity, but we didn’t play our best, and unfortunately, that cost us the game.” 

Autumn Christian ’27 noted that there were no major mistakes during the game. She found that the team simply struggled to adjust to Nobles’ style of play. 

“Nobles was a good team and it was a good game. I don’t think something went wrong, we just needed to adjust. They were a good team to play against, and we just played. We didn’t make any big mistakes. We just played field hockey,” said Christian. 

Despite the tough loss, Andover is looking to bounce back for the first time this season. 

Spade said, “Even though I would have liked to go undefeated this season, we knew that it might happen and that it’s part of the sport. We definitely don’t want to lose again, and we know that the rest of our games will be better.” 

Christian highlighted that the team’s playstyle and chemistry have grown immensely throughout the season. 

“The team has grown together in [terms of play],” said Christian. “We have become much more in sync knowing where and when to pass the ball and to whom. Allowing a nice cycle throughout the game.” 

The team is going into its last two games with intensity and composure as they look forward to the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council championships. According to Boyle, Andover is not going to underestimate any team and is working even harder than before. 

Boyle said, “We like to believe that we can win, but we aren’t underestimating any team. We are going to work even harder moving into the playoff season.”

Andover Field Hockey will play Cushing at home on Saturday.