Through Support, Energy, And Strategy, Andover Defeats Austin Prep and Tabor, Falls to Pingree

Wylie Roossien ’26 scored one of four goals in Andover Girls Soccer’s game against Austin Prep.

With a hat trick in Wednesday’s game against Austin Prep, Co-Captain Emily Mara ’25 capped off the week with five goals in three games.

Lily Keim ’25 plays on the back line for Andover Girls Soccer.

With a hat-trick by Emily Mara ’25 and a goal from Wylie Roossien ’26, Andover Girls Soccer claimed a 4-1 win against Austin Preparatory School on Wednesday. This was the team’s second win of the week, following a 2-1 win against Tabor Academy on Saturday, and a 3-1 loss against Pingree on Monday. Andover’s record now stands at 4-3.

New team member Murathime Daisley ’26 credited Wednesday’s win to the team’s Co-Captains – Emily Mara ’25 and Jazzy Cormier ’24 – for keeping the team focused, determined, and in line throughout the game. Daisley believed that the two captains constantly kept a good attitude, no matter the obstacles thrown at them. 

Daisley said, “[They] kept us locked in, kept us focused. We had some difficulties with a ref and that can always be challenging, especially when the call seemed to be unfair going one way, but they really helped keep us centered and help us stay focused. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re up because you think that you can just relax but they help us stay focused.”

Sophie Dandawa ’25 reflected on the team’s determination to beat Austin Prep after losing to the team last year. She added that the win was just what the team needed to continue its positive mindset and confidence this season.

“We went into the game really wanting revenge because last year we didn’t do our best and we came up short. We were really hyped and excited to have the chance to change that this year,” said Dandawa. 

Despite the win, Keaghan Murphy ’27 noted that the team was far from perfect and that there was still plenty of room to improve as a team and community. Murphy believed that the team’s speed-of-play was an area where the team could improve.

Murphy said, “[We need to] play with one or two touches. I think we just need to move the ball a little bit quicker and just always know that there’s someone on your back…and definitely switch the field more and not get so congested to one side.”

Dandawa shared a similar sentiment to Murphy, noting the areas where the team could continue to develop. Nevertheless, she expressed her excitement about how Andover has made substantial progress compared to last season, finding promise that the team’s hard work is paying off.

“We’ve definitely come a long way from last season. There’s still room to grow but it has been great seeing different results from last season and claiming wins over Austin Prep and Tabor this time around,” said Dandawa. 

In order to improve as a group, one of the most important factors for the team is creating an open and welcoming environment, which Daisley appreciated in her transition from Junior Varsity to Varsity. The immediate support from the team allowed her to learn from mistakes with positive feedback. 

Daisley said, “I think [the team is] one of the most supporting environments I have been a part of on campus. Not only when everyone is playing, but when people make mistakes. I think that’s why we’re so quick to learn from our mistakes and quick to just make amazing plays.”

Andover Girls Soccer will play on Saturday at home against Choate Rosemary Hall.