After Prep Showcase, Girls Soccer Dominates Groton in Shutout Season Opener

Andover Girls Soccer celebrates after its first of two goals against Groton, scored by Co-Captain Jazzy Cormier ’24.

Co-Captain Emily Mara ’25 is committed to Boston College to play soccer.

In her official debut game with Andover Girls Soccer, Hannah Jordan ’24 assisted the opening goal against Groton.

Andover Girls Soccer celebrates after its second goal of the game against Groton. Wylie Roossien ’26, pictured in the middle of the celebration, assisted the goal.

Lily Keim ’25 sealed the 2-0 game against Groton with a goal from the top of the box.

Andover Girls Soccer opened its season with a 2-0 win over Groton on Smoyer Family Field. Leading up to the home opener, however, the team faced difficulty in the annual preseason Prep Showcase, tying 0-0 to Rivers and losing 2-1 to Lawrence Academy in two 40-minute games this past Sunday.

Lola Aguirre ’26 highlighted the team’s positive attitude going into the scrimmage against Rivers, despite the team’s limited preparation due to inclement weather.

“It was really fun, it was our first time in a competitive match together. The atmosphere was very relaxed but also competitive… We wanted to win, but obviously it didn’t work out in our favor. Our goal was really to get touches on the ball, see how we feel as a team, but we added fun into it, and we had success with that,” said Aguirre.

Intense storms canceled the team’s practice on Friday, but the team quickly recovered. According to Aguirre, the team’s work ethic throughout the week helped with their performance in the Showcase.

“We obviously had the storm, so that day we didn’t practice, but we practiced on Saturday. We just worked on getting to play with each other because we had only had two practices [before the Showcase], which were indoors, so we weren’t used to playing outside with the full [Girls Varsity Soccer] team,” said Aguirre.

Despite not having much playing time together before the weekend, the team showcased strong communication and collaboration in the double-header, according to Keaghan Murphy ’27.

“One of our biggest strengths was how we talked a lot during the game, and we were all really comfortable with each other on the field,” said Murphy.

On Wednesday, Andover played its first full length game against Groton. With the Showcase earlier in the week, teammates felt more confident playing with one another on the field, according to Wylie Roossien ’26.

“About halfway through the first half, our Senior Captain, Jazzy [Cormier ’24], scored. The buildup to the goal was very crucial and it showed a lot of success up top,” said Roossien. The team went on to win 2-0 with a second goal from Lilly Keim ’25.

Roossien credited the team’s success against Groton to its attitude and fans. The home field advantage kept up the energy, even with the rainy conditions.

Roossien said, “[The atmosphere] was awesome. It started off really foggy, and we didn’t think a lot of people would show up, but everyone was so excited to get out there and play the sport we love and to see so many people show up even though it was raining a bit. Everyone was so loud and so supportive.”

Andover Girls Soccer will play Middlesex away on Wednesday.