Co-Captain Charlie Ferguson Leads with Strategy and Skill

Co-Captain Charlie Ferguson ’23 serves as a dominant midfielder for Andover Boys Lacrosse. Through his extensive knowledge of the sport, Ferguson takes the lead on the offense, strategizing ways to create space for his teammates. His support and guidance to younger players helps him bring the team together.

Ferguson started his lacrosse journey in his backyard at the age of five. His father introduced him to the sport, leading him to play in travel teams and club teams every summer before coming back to campus each year. According to Ferguson, his favorite part of the sport is the creative liberty. 

“I’ve just always enjoyed the game. I think it’s a game where you can be really creative. And it can be so different, depending on the people you have out there on the field. So I’ve just enjoyed finding what I can do best, and developing that skill set,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson’s years of experience makes him a multi-faceted player, according to Josh Heaney ’24. As a weapon on offense, Ferguson leads the attackers and midfielders and helps direct the younger players.  

Heaney said, “Charlie has been playing lacrosse for so long that he just knows the sport. So any time I’m talking to [the] coach about something with the offense, we always want Charlie there. And any time we’re on the field and some of the younger guys might not know exactly what they’re doing, Charlie’s there to get them to where they need to be. And he does a very good job of pushing us to be like the best players that we can be on the field.”

Head Coach James Beaudoin described Ferguson as an offensive playmaker. He helps his teammates strategize ways to create more space and scoring opportunities. 

“I think Charlie is more of an offensive mind. He’s always thinking about how the offense can better accomplish movement to attain their goals, to get kids open. And so I think Charlie, his mindset is really focused on making sure that kids are moving in the right direction, making sure that they’re understanding their roles on offense that’s a little bit more organized,” said Coach Beaudoin.

With his final season with Andover coming to an end, Ferguson hopes to win against Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter), while providing support for the new players. 

I’d say, goals for the team [is] obviously to win as many games as possible, to win every game. But the biggest game is Exeter and that’s the goal for the season right now, it’s all leading up to Exeter. [My] personal goal [is] just to be a resource for younger players, every player on the team. [And] play to the best of my ability and produce the most that I can with my skill set,” said Ferguson.

Aside from leading his teammates with his personality, Ferguson’s on-field qualities, like sharp shooting and offensive plays, make him a key player. 

Ferguson said, “I’d say my on the field skills would be being a shooter, off ball movement, and IQ. Those are probably the attributes that I pride myself most in. Producing offense in those ways, and being an off ball threat and step down shooter.”

Heaney shared similar sentiments to Ferguson, highlighting his shooting skills. This season, Ferguson has been averaging 1.6 goals per game.

“Charlie’s got a great overhand step down shot. I know in a lot of today’s lacrosse and a lot of our team, it’s a lot of fancier shooting for high corners, but his shot is very effective and they’re high percentage,” said Heaney.

Amidst playing, Ferguson faced an injury that cut his 2021-2022 season short. After surgery and recovery, Ferguson has started this season with 16 goals in the last ten games. 

Ferguson said, “I dislocated my knee cap three times last year and then [got] surgery in the summer. So it was a big goal of mine to get to the best playing shape that I could and to focus on my knee while also continuing to improve my skills. So it’s definitely been a big obstacle, but I think with time and rehab, I’m getting better.” 

Heaney noted Ferguson’s perseverance after returning from his injury. Beyond on-field contributions, Ferguson’s leadership pushes the team to grow in different ways. 

Heaney said, “He’s been playing longer than pretty much everyone on the team. He knows the ins and outs of the sport and he came off with an injury that he suffered last season. So he’s been getting back into the swing and he’s been having a great season, not just as a player, but also guiding the rest of the team who maybe haven’t been playing as long and he’s just been a great offensive presence for us.” 

Ferguson will continue playing lacrosse in Division III at Trinity College.