Strong Pitching Leads Baseball to First Win of the Season

Max Gomez ’23 slides to home plate.

Teo Spadaccini ’23 is committed to Yale University for baseball.

Carson Cormier ’23, Teo Spadaccini ’23, and Marek Krystofolski ’25 pitched nine innings without giving up a single run on Wednesday, leading Andover Boys Baseball to a 5-0 win in a scrimmage against Andover High School. 

“The pitching was definitely there. The pitching was really solid. Teo had a great start. Carson relieved him, and then Marek, and they all were lights out,” said Max Gomez ’23.

Catcher Jace Roossien ’24 shared Gomez’s sentiment, specifically highlighting Cormier’s performance on the pitching mound. According to Roossien, Cormier accomplished an “immaculate inning” with the first nine pitches that he threw in the game, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

“[Cormier] was the second pitcher to come into the game and he came in that first inning and had what we call an immaculate inning… “nine straight pitches, nine straight strikes and three outs. “So, he pitched really, really well today and that was what stood out to me,” said Roossien. 

Although the team’s pitching was in good shape Gomez emphasized that the team needed to improve its batting. 

“We kind of just need to focus more on swinging at the right pitches. I think when you see slower speeds, you get a little lazy and you swing at pitches that aren’t necessarily in the zone, and you aren’t as locked in during your path. As long as we just have an approach for each pitch, I think we should be good to go,” said Gomez.

In response to the team’s weak offensive start, Isaac Lamson ’24 believes the team should just maintain an optimistic attitude. He believes that it is only a matter of time before the batting becomes stronger. 

“I think the team just needs to build more confidence to play more games. It was cold today too and we haven’t really seen them pitching in the past two weeks. So I think by Friday and Saturday, we’ll be good to go,” said Lamson. 

Lamson is excited for the season, and feels that Andover has the potential to become a very strong team. 

“The environment is a great group of guys, everyone loves each other. We [have] got a lot of talent this year, we’re going to be better than last year. It’s going to be a good season,” said Lamson

Andover Baseball opens its official season away at Bishop Fenwick High School on Friday.