Remy de Saint Phalle ’23 Strives for NEPSAC Championship Success through Persistent Hard Work and Dedication

Andover Nordic had its fourth meet on Wednesday at the Lakes Region Championship at Vermont Academy. Since both classic and skate skiing were included within the same race, there was a notable difference in the team’s performance, according to James Snow ’25. 

“I think switching from classic to skate skis in a timed race was difficult because we did not practice it prior to the event. Since we have not had snow, it has been difficult to get the experience of both forms of skiing down,” said Snow. 

Similar to Snow, Co-Captain Remy de Saint Phalle ’23 acknowledged that the team’s recent performance was less than satisfactory and attributed this to various factors. 

De Saint Phalle said, “This race we had a duathlon, where we started with a classic, and then we had to switch skis and poles and end with skate. I think the team performed okay. I definitely think it was not our best race across the board. Sam [Gallaudet ’23] was sick, and I got messed up at the end of the race by another skier.”

For Snow, it was his first time ever skiing this event, which made it difficult to be able to understand the timing and rhythm of the course. Without the ability to develop a strategy for how to approach each section of the race, he was forced to rely on his instincts and the limited knowledge he had gained from watching other skiers.

“We overall had a pretty good race today. I have never participated in a duathlon with both classic and skating. Today was a new experience for me. The timing of getting my boots on and off was an issue for me.”

In regards to the team’s performance, Rex Tuller ’23 noted both positive aspects and areas for potential improvement. He specifically highlighted the female skiers as a strong point for the team.

Tuller said, “​​I think the girls were our strength today, although the boys put in a solid effort, Remy came across horrible luck after being taken out by another racer, and Nico [Von Eckartsberg ’23], James and I all have average showings. On top of this, we were missing our Senior talisman Sam Gallaudet who was out with a stomach bug.”

Tuller thinks that conditioning and running will help prepare the team for the NEPSAC championships. Tuller believed the snow should not discourage the team. 

“In general I think the team will continue to work on conditioning due to the lack of snow. We all want to be physically prepared for the NEPSAC championships next Saturday,” said Tuller.

Looking ahead, de Saint Phalle highlighted the importance of preparing and practicing in order to get ready for future meets. Even without snow, he thinks that the team will still be able to succeed as long as they remain dedicated and focused on their goals, de Saint Phalle noted. 

“Leading up to the race we had some challenges with equipment and preparing. It was difficult not being able to train on snow, but we are looking forward to this weekend. On Friday, we are going to the western ski track nearby and to the NEPSAC champs afterward,” said de Saint Phalle. 

Andover Nordic will be racing at Weston Ski Track against Belmont Hill, Middlesex, and Rivers this Friday.