After Strong Wins Against Choate, Westminster, and Belmont Hill, Boys Squash Sweeps Exeter 7-0

Aiden Chiang ’26 prepares to hit a forehand.

Andover Boys Squash beat Choate 6-1, Westminster 7-0, and maintained its momentum to beat Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter) 7-0 on Wednesday. Andover’s record now stands at 12-2. 

Going into the event, Will Weissman ’25 noted how quiet the environment surrounding the matches was. Although it is usually more lively, Weissman respected the team’s efforts to support each other throughout the event, helping maintain their confidence and energy. 

“There was high energy going into the day from the team. However, the environment of the event was quieter as there weren’t many spectators. We were able to feed off each other to fire ourselves up,” Weissman said. 

During the practices leading up to the event, the coaches made sure players prioritized rest in the wake of a long week of work, according to Corey Shen ’26. This ensured that the players would be in their best headspace before the matches.

Shen said, “Before going to Choate, we all made sure we were well-rested and in good spirits for the match. Having gone through a tough week of school full of tests, Coach Roberts told us to get some rest.”

Additionally, the team worked on consistency, according to Sean Winston Luo ’24. He emphasized the significance of keeping up the team’s effort and energy levels despite having played numerous games over the past several weeks.

Luo said, “We worked mostly on staying consistent. Over the past few weeks, we have had many matches which have tired us out, so we are trying to stay healthy and keep up our intensity despite feeling a bit dragged from the past few games.” 

Although there are many strengths of the team, Shen highlighted the team’s uplifting spirit as a crucial factor for success. He believed that the strong sense of unity and positive energy between teammates has been an important factor in their success. 

“During our match, many of the player’s parents came to cheer us on and bring us food in between our matches. Our morale was significantly boosted because of this and we all cheered each other on,” said Shen. 

Additionally, Weissman highlighted Chase Burke ’25’s performances over the weekend. Despite the pressure that was placed on him, Burke ended up winning both of his games. 

“One of the first people who comes to mind is Chase Burke, who helped out the team on our longest away match of the year. He was called up to play a few days ago and really stepped up, winning both of his matches,” Weissman said. 

Across all three games, the team was able to identify several areas for improvement. Moving forward, the team looks to better their movement, energy, and shot-making, according to Weissman.

Weissman said, “Since we had two matches in one day, many of us were low on energy and not very fired up. Although we can’t change the format so we don’t have back-to-back matches, we could have used the time in between to better prepare. Another weakness was our shot length throughout the matches. Since the courts are different than we are used to, the quality of our length shots was not at the level it needed to be at.” 

Andover Boys Squash will face St. George’s at home this Wednesday.