Sweaters and Snow: Andover Celebrates Holiday Spirit at Ugly Sweater Party

Five Blue Key Heads dressed up in Christmas-spirited costumes. Top row (left to right): Fred Javier ’23, Kelly Bu ’23, and Devan Hernandez ’23. Bottom row (left to right): Max Gomez ’23 and Dagny Bingham ’23.

From left to right: Tucker Nee ’23, Devan Hernandez ’23, Sui Yu ’23, Fred Javier ’23, Charles Murphy ’23, and Dagny Bingham ’23

As Winter Break draws close and temperatures turn frigid, Andover’s community gathered last Saturday for a festive Ugly Sweater Party. From elf costumes to Grinch onesies, students showed off their Christmas-themed outfits while enjoying caroling and cookies.

Max Gomez ’23

“My shirt is Buddy the elf saying ‘Oh my god! Santa!’ It’s a quote from the movie [Elf] and he’s making a very excited face…. [I decided to wear it] because I love Buddy the elf and everything he stands for. He’s just a great person overall, great elf, and really just knows Christmas spirit and how to embody it… [My shirt] actually has someone’s face on it, which I think makes it kinda unique…My brother got it for me at a Secret Santa one year.”


Dagny Bingham ’23 

“I am wearing a gingerbread man with a skirt, and I wore it because it was provided by Mr. Capano [Director of Student Activities] and looked very nice and is comfy…I didn’t see anyone else as a gingerbread man…I thought [the party] was fantastic, things really livened up in the last hour even though now it just got quiet. Energy was high, we had a kick line and a conga line, which is all that matters.”

Charles Murphy ’23 

“I am wearing a Grinch onesie…Ain’t nobody else got a heart three sizes too small…I am a big fan of cookies.”


Sui Yu ’23, Andover’s 2022-2023 Student Body Co-President 

“I am wearing a sweater with a golfer on it because I have a deep passion for golf and Ultimate…This is from a thrift store, so I know nobody else has it…I think the Blue Key Heads did a fabulous job [with this event].”

Devan Hernandez ’23 

“I am wearing a Buddy the Elf costume because I wrote my personal statement on Buddy the Elf…The spirit here is immaculate.”

Tucker Nee ’23

“I am wearing a Santa Claus blazer, and I stole it from Devan…Christmas is all about giving so I thought I’d take something.”