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Go Big or Go(urd) Home: Students Celebrate Halloween with Friends in Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Evie Wood’s ’25 pumpkin design features Jack Skelling-
ton from “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

From left to right, Sarah Samoluk ’26 and Lucielle Heyd ’26 show off Heyd’s pumpkin,
which features special tooth-design.

One student’s pumpkin design depicts a skeleton face.

In the spirit of Halloweeen, dozens of students braved the cold last Friday to participate in a pumpkin-carving event hosted by the Students Activities Board. With the help of a carving kit and unlimited creative freedom, participants transformed their gourds into scary jack-o-lanterns, friendly depictions of animals, and even movie characters. Read below to see various students’ designs and inspiration, difficulties, and highlights of the activity.

Evie Wood ’25
“I chose the creepy evil monster from “Nightmare Before Christmas” [for my pumpkin]…We had no idea of any designs beforehand, so we went on Google to search for pumpkin ideas… I would do it again next year if it was better lit, and if it was warmer outside.”

Lucielle Heyd ’26
“[My pumpkin] is a face, and it has these big teeth in the front that I have a vision for, but I do not know if I am going to execute it well… I did not want to make a plain face, so I thought I could make some cool teeth.”

Sarah Samoluk ’26
“I was inspired by the emoji with the heart eyes… I enjoyed spending time outside with friends, doing something creative and fun before a holiday… [I would do this again, but] with bigger pumpkins.”

Carly Hopkins ’24
“[My design] is a face, a spooky face… I was going for scary but friendly at the same time… I loved listening to music and spending time with friends [while pumpkin carving]. It was really interesting to see what creative design everyone carved.”

Eleanor Tong ’24
“[My pumpkin] is supposed to be a clown face… I did the clown makeup with the triangles, and I gave it a smiley face, but it is not really giving a clown…. It is a very good activity to spend time with friends and decide on ideas.”