Andover Inn Nears Reopening to Public After Two-Year Hiatus

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Andover Inn was converted into an underclassmen boys dorm.

The Andover Inn will be reopened to the public after suspending operations for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resuming hotel services starting November 14. Amenities within the Inn, such as Samuel’s, a bar, and restaurant, will be open as well.

The reopening of the Inn will happen in phases according to Tracy Sweet, Chief Communications Officer. The next phase will take place in January 2023, with the remodeling of all rooms on the hotel side. 

Though Samuel’s will reopen alongside the Inn, Samuel’s full menu and restaurant services will become available on September 1, 2023, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catering for meetings and events. Once fully operational, guests will be able to use spaces in the Inn as a venue for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations, or host business conferences and meetings.

“It’s important to note that the initial opening on November 14 is what we are calling a soft opening. That’s basically a reintroduction to the members of the public. At that point, the Inn would be open for the hotel, so rooms and the Samuel’s restaurant, ” said Sweet.

In preparation for the reopening of the Inn, carpeting, furnishings, utilities, and other improvements are in progress and will continue until the full opening of the Inn. The flooring and paint of the hotel rooms and the lobby are in the remodeling process. Since renovations are conducted during school hours, the Inn has made an effort to minimize disturbance to students and the Andover community, and eventually to guests.

Past renovations of the Inn in 1930 and 2008 focused more on expanding the capacity and functions of the Inn, such as the introduction of Samuel’s. However, as the Inn dates back over a century, cosmetic renovations are being carefully undertaken to preserve its history, while simultaneously improving the building’s facilities.

“The goal is to preserve the historic integrity of the building while making upgrades for the comfort of guests. Room renovations will take place in phases to ensure that the Inn remains open and disruption is minimized,” wrote Sweet in an email to The Phillipian.

The Inn originally suspended operations in July 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to lower risks of an outbreak on campus, the school decided to use the Andover Inn as extra housing for

According to a previous article from The Phillipian, “Almost 90 percent of Andover students returned to campus this spring, creating unprecedented scenarios for accommodating boarding students while attempting to follow Covid-19 regulations, especially in the case of one-room doubles and tight housing.”  

Kevin Chen ’24, who lived in the Inn during the Spring term of his Lower year, described the amenities available to students during his stay. 

“The best part was [we got] our own toilet. Some people had a bathtub, even. I got a really large room… [and] we got free E&R too because there weren’t any laundry machines we could use. [But] there was no service, [and] the restaurant wasn’t open. It was like any other dorm, though. The rules were all the same,” said Chen.

Excusing its time while closed and as a dorm, the Andover Inn has been to families of current and prospective students since 1930. By allowing relatives to stay close to their kids and touring groups to be immersed in the Andover environment, the Inn has become an integral part of campus according to Sweet.

“We are excited to reopen the Andover Inn and reestablish connections to the campus community and guests far and wide. [Andover] trustees will be the first guests through the doors when many stay over for Trustee Weekend beginning November 10 and 11,” wrote Sweet in an email to The Phillipian.

Sweet continued, “We are eager to welcome the local community and travelers back to the Andover Inn. For decades, the Inn has been an integral part of the town and a regional landmark, with great proximity to Boston, the seacoast, arts and cultural activities, and so much more that New England has to offer.”