Look of the Week: Carly Hopkins ’24 Takes Inspiration from 90’s street Style Clothing and Her Mom’s Closet

Donning a brown turtleneck, sleek leather jacket, and green cargo pants, Carly Hopkins ’24 channels the approaching Autumn weather in her outfit. To complete the look, Hopkins pairs these staple pieces with Moccasins and silver jewelry.

“I don’t have a method. It just happens. I start with staples, and then build off of that…I’ll pick jewelry or a jacket, and accessories…I would describe it as very inspired by fall colors, I got brown, I got green, I got black, a black leather jacket, it’s very Lorelai Gilmore,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins first began experimenting with fashion in the Spring before beginning at Andover. Ever since then, she has been exploring her own unique style while finding inspiration from her mother and TV shows from the 90s, such as Friends.

“I really got into fashion during covid, I sort of became fixated on it, because there wasn’t a lot of things to do. So I often looked at different forms of media, and fashion ended up being something I looked at often… I would say that I’ve grown to be more influenced by the media I consume. Specifically shows, like Friends, or just like my mom’s style in general, she’s a big inspiration for everything I wear, and most of my clothes are hers,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins’ style is shaped by many people in her life, whether that be her mom, or influencers on social media from the past and present. She takes inspiration from them, yet also adds her own twist, creating outfits that suit her personal style and make her feel most confident.

“I would say most 90’s streetwear, from people like Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, and then some more modern influencers, such as Matilda Djerf,” said Hopkins.

While Hopkins looks to others around her and online for outfit ideas, she also serves as an inspiration for her friends. One friend, Lydia Mechegia ’24, commented on what she admires about Hopkins’ style.

“I think what I like most about Carly’s style is that she is so confident about everything she wears and she always has some character or aesthetic that she bases her look off of…I really love how confident she is with the looks she creates,” said Mechegia.

After curating her closet and creating her own aesthetic, Hopkins now feels as though she has a solid foundation to work with. Hopkins hopes to maintain her unique sense of style, evolving it as she grows rather than molding it to current fashion trends.

“I hope to always keep the same essential capsule wardrobe. I don’t really want to change my style with trends. I want to keep it consistent and based off what I like, so as I get older and my interests change, I hope what I’m wearing will reflect that,” said Hopkins.

“Gilmore Girls,” from whose character Lorelai Gilmore Hopkins drew inspiration for her black leather jacket, is Hopkins’ favorite fall show.

Most of Hopkins’ jewelry are from Greece or gifts from her mother, carrying a special meaning for Hopkins