Look of the Week: Sebastian Cynn ’24 Embodies Spring With Pastel Outfits

Sporting a light turquoise shirt with matching purple shorts and his trademark hat, Sebastian Cynn ’24 centers his fashion around a light springtime palette, no matter the season.
Having preferred softer colors over dark or intense hues since childhood, Cynn hopes to brighten Andover’s campus with his style, building his outfits around pastel color schemes.

“I generally try and stick with pastels as a theme, keeping to bright springtime colors…. Projecting brightness into the world is something I’ve always wanted to do, and since I’ve been able to pick my own outfits I’ve been keeping to lighter colors. [I’ve] been becoming more deliberate about my choices and my style,” said Cynn.

One major component of Cynn’s fashion inspiration stems from his goal to spread positive energy across campus. Graham Burtle ’24, a friend of Cynn, has expressed that Cynn’s outfits are not only eye-catching, but also embody his upbeat personality.

“His clothes are always really fun to see around on this campus. When I see him he really brightens up my day. [Sebastian’s] a really kind and bright person and I think that his clothes truly reflect that,” said Burtle.

When getting ready in the morning and picking out a new outfit, Cynn mainly focuses on creating color combinations that can be found in nature. He begins by drawing ideas from spring-inspired imagery, then carefully considering color coordination and harmony.

“A lot of what I base it on is springtime colors. What I generally try and do to match things in the morning is look at the flowers in a springtime field and see if these colors would clash together or would be visually aesthetic,” said Cynn.

In terms of accessories, Cynn’s collection of hats is a centerpiece of his wardrobe. While he initially turned to them to disguise a bad haircut, Cynn came to realize that they complemented his light, springtime aesthetic.

“One thing that is a relatively new addition is my hats. I started wearing hats about three years ago just before I came to Andover…. I just started wearing it and I realized that it added to the pastel aesthetic massively. Over the years through [Covid-19], it’s been sort of a fixed point. It’s become an aesthetic I’ve grown super attached to, especially over the course of Andover where I’m known as someone who wears hats,” said Cynn.