Behind the Curtains: Andover’s Dance Groups Share the Highlights of Auditions and Hopes for Fall Term

Over the weekend, the Andover dance community was reunited to host their auditions for the 2022-2023 school year. Ranging from Blue Strut (Strut)’s jazz to the hip-hop of Hypnotiq (Hypno), students new and returning competed for spots in the diverse selection of student dance groups that contribute to the campus’ dynamic performance culture. This audition season, dancers reveal their reflections on tryouts and anticipations for Andover’s dance scene in the following months to come.

Jac Gordon ’25 (Blue Strut, Hypnotiq)
“The auditions last weekend were really fun; there were a lot of people, almost 40. There was a lot of really good energy in the room, and everyone was really supportive of each other. Everyone was applauding each other and making sure that it was a positive environment, even though they were auditions. I would definitely say that getting involved in dance at Andover is the best thing you can do, even if you aren’t an experienced dancer, just go for a fun time.”

Mia Pao ’24 (Blue Strut, Fusion)
“I think Fusion is a lot about energy and how you present yourself on stage. It’s not really about how good of a dancer you are, it’s more about how much life you can bring to the choreography and how much you can interact with the other members, because Fusion has quite a lot of partner work too. And I think Strut is just as they say at every audition, it is about how much sass you have and confidence you have in your movements.”

Sarah Zhang ’24 (Slam, JVNE)
“This sounds super cliche, but it is the people who are involved in dance at Andover that make it as special as it is. I feel like even though there are a lot of different groups, a lot of people are parts of a couple of them, so the whole community feels really interconnected, and that is what makes it super special. Everyone is super supportive of each other and their groups, and the atmosphere when you perform is like no other.”

Jacob Kaiser ’24 (Hypnotiq)
“Honestly, the audition process was just a ton of fun. I think there were a lot of people who showed up not with the serious intent of auditioning, but just with the idea that they were going to have fun, so that actually helped in relieving a lot of stress or nerves throughout the audition process. Hypno usually kills every performance, so I just want to keep killing [it].”

Annalisa Urena ’23 (Hypnotiq, Slam, Blue Strut, Fusion)
“I have to say I am excited for Grasshopper. I am also a producer, so I am behind the scenes putting the show together, and I am also in the show choreographing. I just started choreographing for Hypno and Fusion this year…. It’s a lot of fun, and I am able to create with the other co-heads, and then we get to teach that to everybody…. The clubs really like it, and they really get into it.”

Kelly Yang ’24 (Blue Strut)
“As for Blue Strut, we were really looking for energy. It didn’t really matter that much if you couldn’t hit the moves as sharply as other people did, or if you couldn’t do a high kick or the splits. It was really just if you have the attitude that Blue Strut embodies…. I think we were really just looking for energy and stage presence, on who could perform the best, and stand out from the rest.”