Playlist of the Week: Holding onto Summer

Coming back to school may be bittersweet when we are left with vestiges of warm weather and carefree days. Music and playlists often accompany some of our most cherished memories of the summer season. From Harry Styles and Dire Straits to iconic movie soundtracks, compiled below are some of the sounds of summer from Andover students. Enjoy this playlist while reminiscing about the summer days.

Sui Yu ’23
“‘See the World’ by Caamp… I think it makes life feel very light and it makes the summer feel very fun and carefree and I really like that, especially in the summer. I listen to it wherever I can, just like when I’m walking alone, or when I’m with my family, or in the car. Even if I’m just relaxing in my room. I didn’t do much over the summer, so I didn’t go to a lot of places. I like a lot of their songs, they are very similar to the Lumineers; I think they opened for them during their concert, so their vibe is good. I just feel like they sound like the Lumineers.”

Daniel Bae ’23
“‘I Want You Back,’ The Jackson 5. It makes me feel upbeat. I most often listen to the song in the shower. What I like most about the singer is how high the notes get.”

Iwo Wicinski ’24
“‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits. It’s a chill song. I listen to it when I’m chilling, when I’m vibing. I don’t know what I like about the singer…. He’s got a nice voice. I just like the song.”

Sadie Pease ’24
“‘Keep Driving’ by Harry Styles. I like that it’s by Harry Styles. I listen to it most when I’m driving. When I’m driving, I always put that song on…. I think Harry Styles has a great sense of self. He is able to make people feel more comfortable with themselves and better. I think, all around, he just radiates positivity, and it reflects through his music. Treat people with kindness!”

Margot Furman ’25
“My favorite song was ‘Walls’ by the Lumineers. I liked how it was relaxing and fun, just like summer. I listen to the song most on the ocean. They are a really cool band. Follow me on Spotify! It’s @margotfurman.”

Rohan Agrawal ’26
“‘Feels Like Summer’ by Vince Staples. It feels like Summer. I listen to the song all day, I don’t stop listening to music. I think the singer raps well, and has good beats.”

Gretchen Swartz ’23
“The ‘Ratatouille’ theme song. I like to listen to it when I nap. I like that there are no lyrics, and I like the beat because it is nostalgic. The movie is wonderfully composed, and I love the movie. I think that it accompanies the movie really well.”