Cluster Ball All-Stars: Tanush Mittal ’22 (Team Lime)

Tanush “Bush” Mittal ’22 splashes three-pointers from any distance. According to Mittal, he was a child basketball prodigy as soon as he touched the ball. Stating that he harnesses his natural talent every day in Cluster Basketball, he has the ultimate goal of leading Team Lime to a championship run (they are 3-6). 

“I started playing basketball when I was very little. I was always very good at it, and when the opportunity arose to play cluster ball, I decided, ‘Why not take my talents to the amazing Lime Team?’ Lime Team really needed me, and I thought, ‘Why not step up, have some fun, and win a championship,’” said Mittal. 

Mittal describes himself as the core bonding agent of the team: “glue.” Win or loss, he ignores the outcome of the game and focuses more on the relationships within the team, which he plays an instrumental role in forming. 

Mittal said, “I think I am the glue that holds the team together: team spirit, always cheering on my teammates, always making buckets in the clutch. Sometimes, we may win, we may lose, but we’re always a team. We’ve got the best team chemistry, and I think I’m a big part of that.”

When Mittal does have the intention to show off, he believes Atlanta Hawks sensation Trae Young’s playing style is most similar to his own. 

“It’s got to be Trae Young. Just dazzling with handles, step-back threes, great assists. Definitely Trae Young,” said Mittal. 

Despite being named All-Star, Team Lime’s success cannot solely be attributed to Mittal. According to Mittal, he might soon be overshadowed by the skill of teammate Dominic Sciacca ’22. 

“There’s a guy named Dom, Dom Sciacca. He is definitely the best player on the team. He definitely brings the energy, gets all the boards, puts [up] some big buckets. He’s always there. He’s out right now, which could explain why we’re losing some games,” said Mittal.