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Andover Girls Soccer Looks Ahead after Losses against Loomis Chaffee and Worcester Academy

A 1-2 loss against Loomis Chaffee at home and a 0-5 loss away against Worcester Academy left Andover Girls Soccer with reflections to make ahead of its next game against Tabor Academy. The team’s record is now 2-3-1.


According to Jazaher Cormier ’24, a slow and disorganized start to the game against Loomis cost Andover the game when it conceded a goal in the first minute.


“In the beginning, we started off a little rough… but definitely, the first half, we were chasing them and it was a little bit chaotic, which is not how we normally play, so that’s when they got their first goal,” said Cormier.


Improvements were evident in the second half, however, and staying more organized from the start of the game will be a major goal in the games to come, according to Cormier.


Cormier said, “The second half was a lot better, we started actually playing together, like connecting passes and whatnot, and they were mostly chasing us that half, so it could’ve gone either way… I think had we started a little earlier with keeping up with them or having them chase us earlier, then we would’ve seen better results.”


Cormier believes better organization in the team will come once the team has had more experience playing together.


“I think [organization] comes with time, [and] since we have a lot of new players and they didn’t really have a season last year, it takes a little bit of time to start really playing as a team, but I think throughout every game we’re getting better at it,” said Cormier.


Speaking ahead of Andover’s game against Worcester, Cormier believes it is important for the team to reflect on games no matter the result.


“Even in the games we win… our first ten, 15 minutes of the next practice, [we sit in a circle] and [we talk] about what we did well and w\hat we didn’t do so well, and how to fix that, and usually the next practice is going to be focused on what we needed to work on based on that last game,” said Cormier.


According to Co-Captain Mary Stuart Kerrigan ’22, the 5-0 loss mostly came down to Worcester’s overall technical ability.