Seniors on Returning to Campus

Abbot Cluster dorms are closed for the Winter Term.

In February, Andover invited only members of the Senior class back to campus with the intention to minimize the annual health risks associated with Winter Term. Two hundred five Seniors—151 boarding and 54 day students—elected to return to campus and live in ten dorms with occupancy ranging from 18 to 24 students each, according to the Dean of Students Office. Seniors moved into dorms on February 1 and 2 and will move out by March 6 at the end of Winter Term. The initial quarantine period, when students were required to wear masks within dorms, ended on February 9. 

Izzy Torio ’21:

So far we’ve been in quarantine, so we haven’t been able to move around campus much. But, it’s nice being able to see people in Snyder or in the dorm after such a long time away. I’m excited for Senior events like the “100 Day Party.” We missed out on a lot of fun things in the fall, so I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate as a class. As a day student, it’s a new experience entirely, but it feels like there’s more of a community because everybody is so close by. 

Mia Levy ’21:

So far it’s hard to gauge how different it is because we are in quarantine but we definitely have a lot more independence, which has been really nice for us and for the house counselors because they don’t have to take us everywhere. I am really looking forward to when quarantine is over and the library and [Paresky Commons] open up because it gets a little lonely during quarantine, and it will be really great to see other people who aren’t in my dorm. 

Christy Wei ’21:

It did meet my expectations; I have a single in Chase [House] and it is super comfortable. But during quarantine, we are not allowed to use the common spaces or talk to each other in the hallway, so I am looking forward to unmasking with my entire dorm and spending time physically with them. I enjoy that the school plans out a lot of time for us to go outdoors every day, and I’ve made a point to take advantage of that to get fresh air every day.

Ian Chong ’21:

So far it has been pretty identical to the Fall Term, so not really disappointed. Quarantine ending earlier is nice, and I like how entire dorms are a pod now. I do like the more frequent opportunities to go outside. I am looking forward to being able to order food!

Naiya Roe ’21:

So far, I’ve really been enjoying being back. Even though we’re in quarantine we’ve had many opportunities to go outside and get fresh air, such as going to Snyder Center, playing in the snow, walking around campus. It’s nice also being with other Seniors, especially now that more people are on campus with day students in the dorms. Some of my friends who weren’t here in the fall came back this term and I’m just now realizing that the last time we saw each other was last March. Right now I’m looking forward to being out of quarantine and getting to see more people. This is also my first time living in Adams [Hall], so I want to experience life with my dormmates here as well.

Amelia Meyer ’21:

On-campus life feels repetitive and lonely but I guess that is because we are in quarantine right now. I didn’t have any expectations, so I can’t say that this has met or not met my expectations. I am excited to be in [Paresky] again and have in-person classes, I really miss those things.

Ben Fu ’21:

I’m a day student, so I didn’t have any particular expectations for moving in. I’m looking forward to seeing friends in-person for the first time in a year! Or what’s felt like an eternity. I think that was probably the real crux of coming back for people, including me. It’s surreal.

Editor’s Note: Mia Levy was misattributed for Lohi Ehimiaghe.