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LOTW: Scarlett Ruan ’23 Incorporates Different Pieces in “Genre-Blind” Style

Scarlett Ruan ’23 pairs a yellow sweater with a dark blue mini skirt and brown leg warmers.

Styling a yellow sweater patterned by dark blue flowers, a short dark blue skirt, and a pair of brown leg warmers, Scarlett Ruan ’23 finds an outfit to complement her pink hair and white sneakers. 

“I really don’t have a definitive style. I think I bounce around a lot. I think a lot of the times I dress up, I’m really exploring. I get inspiration from everybody,” said Ruan. 

Ruan finds fashion inspiration on many social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Additionally, she takes clothing from her mom’s closet and looks at her mom’s old pictures for styling inspiration.  

“I think I’m just genre-blind, I like a lot of different styles, but obviously I can’t wear them all at once so I just like to incorporate a little bit of this and that to create my unique style,” said Ruan. 

According to Ruan, being at Andover has also impacted her style, as she is able to share a love of fashion with her friends and take inspiration from them. 

“I noticed that people at Andover are really fashionable,” said Ruan. “I think Andover really influenced [my style], and my friends for sure…where they come from, and how they dress. My style has changed a lot since last year.”

Believing that a simple pair of pants is the key to completing a look, Ruan owns a wide variety of styles of pants, and prioritizes them when putting together her outfits and looking for fashion inspiration.

“I have a lot of pants, literally every different kind… I think pants make the outfit rather than the jacket or top or shoes or anything else, because the center piece, in my opinion, is the biggest article of clothing,” said Ruan. “I usually start with the pants or whatever bottom I’m going to wear, and then I go to my tops and then to outerwear, and then [to] jewelry. If I don’t have any inspiration, I just go on Instagram or Pinterest,” said Ruan.

Watch a video about Ruan’s process for choosing her outfits: