New Teaching Fellows for the 2020–2021 School Year

Mato Seth, Teaching Fellow in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

I am looking forward to getting to know my dorm students in Foxcroft [House] better. They are a really lovely bunch. The same goes for the students in my math classes. Also, I am coaching [Andover Girls Volleyball] this term, and I can’t wait until we can play some real volleyball with more than two people per ball. 

It’s been going really well. I think [teaching fellows] have a natural advantage with online learning, since we were students in online classrooms only a few months ago.

Nicholas Thayer, Teaching Fellow in Biology

I don’t agree with the way a lot of science is taught in the U.S. (especially the disrespect for ethics), so I wanted to share with a younger generation the importance of thinking about the impact of one’s work on the world—which turned out to be enshrined here as Knowledge and Goodness!

Emily Visco, Teaching Fellow in Chemistry

I became interested in teaching chemistry in college after working in a laboratory and realizing I wanted to have a more social career in chemistry, and to help others find their passion for chemistry like my teachers have done for me. I decided on this teaching fellow position specifically because I value the opportunity to get to know students outside of the classroom in the boarding school community at [Andover], and the ability to learn alongside a great cohort of teaching fellows who push me to be the best that I can be.

Caroline Sullivan, Teaching Fellow in Chemistry

When I decided to become a biochemistry major in college, I felt a lot of pressure to pursue lab research as a career. However, after spending a few summers pipetting away at a lab bench, I realized that while I loved science, lab research was just not my passion. Teaching at a boarding school seemed like the perfect way for me to continue focusing on science while also forging meaningful human connections with my students and fellow teachers.

 During my teaching job search, I got in touch with the chemistry department here at Andover. I knew that teaching at Andover would be a valuable learning experience, and I was excited at the prospect of working with such a diverse and intellectually curious student body, so pursuing the position seemed like a no-brainer!

Leah Metzger, Teaching Fellow in Spanish

[I’ve] always been interested in teaching Spanish, but I really liked the idea of being able to teach and be in the dorms and also being involved in athletics, all while having the support of other teaching fellows and other faculty members.

Everyone I talked to was really warm and spoke very highly of the students, as well as it being close to Boston, [which is] where I am from.

Myrsini Manou Georgila, Teaching Fellow in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

I had an idea that I might enjoy and might be good at teaching towards my Senior year of high school. I always loved math and I am very grateful because I had very good math teachers in middle school and high school.

I have really enjoyed teaching. It has been almost a year since I last taught math, so I am enjoying doing that again. I love working with experienced math teachers now.

Yuto Iwaizumi, Teaching Fellow in French

[I chose Andover because] you have a mentor to go and talk to, not just about teaching. When I had my interview, every faculty member I interacted with made me feel welcomed. 

[I am looking forward to] the growth in my students–how they have changed from the beginning to the end of the year. In terms of aspects outside the classroom, I just want to see how the dynamics between my resident students develop or change throughout the year. 

Zahin Ahmed, Teaching Fellow in Biology

I grew up hearing about Andover, and one of my really good friends I grew up with did the program last year and loved it. He said it’s a very great program, especially for someone looking for a job right out of college for one to two years.