Halloween At Home: Students Bond with Creative Group Costumes

Although students will not be able to attend events like the annual Halloween Dance on campus this year, they have been exploring opportunities to get creative with costumes at home. In an effort to connect with each other, some friends have planned group costumes with a common theme, such as ghosts with a twist and characters Galinda and Elphaba from “Wicked” the musical.

Agnes Agosto ’24
“Five of us in my dorm are going to be ghosts, and you may have heard of the ghost challenge, which is going around on TikTok… People dress up [and] wear sheets with holes cut into it, and they put sunglasses on the holes, and then they go around and take pictures in public places— I’ve seen some in amusement parks, restaurants, or cities. We wanted to base it off of that, because it’s like a traditional kind of costume that not many people use.”

Sam Elliott ’22
My Halloween costume for this year is basically a hot dog costume that velcros up in the back. I didn’t really get the idea from anywhere. My girlfriend and I just wanted to get matching costumes, so I went to Target and I really liked the hot dog one… My favorite part [of the costume] is the mustard strip that goes down, because it kind of comes off the costume, and also the placement of the head, because I think it looks funny.

Gabby Edokpa ’24
“I decided to be a pirate because I think it is something I could do with friends if I wanted to, like as a band of pirates would be pretty convenient… It’s a beige shirt, kind of like a peasant shirt that has puffy sleeves, a black corset, a black skirt, and a red sash across the belt… Halloween is in a few days and we’re on campus, so going around to pick things specifically would be inconvenient.”

Audrey Sun ’23
I’m [going to be] Galinda and my best friend is going as Elphaba from “Wicked”… [My favorite part of] my costume is what it represents. [Although] Galinda and Elphaba started out as enemies, they became really good friends and supported each other throughout everything. My friend and I didn’t start out as enemies, but it’s like the idea of staying together throughout everything even if you’re not together in the same place.