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LOTW: Lily Haik ’22 Thrifts with Purpose

Layering a white turtleneck with a red vintage quarter zip, Lily Haik ’22 completes her look with a black down jacket, sunglasses, and distressed blue jeans. Haik describes her style as trendy and minimalist.

“I always try to find items of clothing that most people wouldn’t wear or [statement pieces that I can] pair with more basic items from my closet. My main sources of inspiration come from Pinterest, Instagram, and Depop. I am also obsessed with influencers on Instagram and their styles,” said Haik.

According to Haik, she repurposes her clothing by shopping at second-hand clothing stores such as Depop, an online thrifting app, or vintage thrift stores. Haik also mixes oversized tops with smaller bottoms and borrows clothes from her parents.

I think fashion is incredible because absolutely everything is a trend and it always comes back and circulates… I also go into my parents’ closets and wear some of their vintage clothing. Vintage is [popular] nowadays, so I love to mix their [older wardrobe] with my newer [clothes],” said Haik. 

When it comes to styling her outfits, Haik also gives and takes inspiration from her friends. Occasionally, Haik also offers fashion advice to her friend Hannah Dastgheib ’22 and helps her repurpose outdated clothes in her closet.

“At school, she would go thrift shopping and find these things that don’t have much hanger appeal, but she would always have an idea of what she wanted to do with [the items]. She knew what to look for in the thrift store that other people would just pass by,” said Dastgheib. 

After discovering Depop, Haik continued exploring fashion trends. Along with her friend Hailee So ’22, Haik has become an avid Depop user, where she made a profit and connected with other members of the fashion community.

“Depop is always a good place to find your own style, because a lot of the times Depop allows you to see different styles [to] choose from. It’s not just one single brand where there’s only one specific kind of style. So, the variety helps Lily to find her own unique style,” said So.

After making the transition from Hong Kong to Andover, Haik found confidence by embracing her personal style. She stresses the need for not adhering to set expectations and fashion standards. 

“I realized I should do whatever I felt comfortable with and what makes me happy. I don’t think my style changed. But I think I was able to really deep dive into what my style is and what I like to wear, and really just embrace that,” said Haik.

Editor’s Note: Hannah Dastgheib is an Associate Graphic Editor for The Phillipian.