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Athlete of the Week: Arthur Nguyen ’22 Started Squash After Learning the Sport on Youtube

Nguyen was the only Junior on Boys Squash last season.

Arthur Nguyen ’22 started playing squash at age seven, and is now Andover’s fourth seed. Known for his mature and adaptive game, Nguyen brings depth to Andover Boys Squash, according to Captain Jack Lee ’20 and teammate Siddhant Sinha ’21.

Lee said, “I think [Nguyen] shows a lot of maturity on court as he plays structured squash and is very smart in his shot selection. I think he deserves this title because he is always at the squash courts and puts 100 percent of his efforts everyday. He works incredibly hard to be as good at squash as he is now.”

“He knows what he has to do and gets that done, I really like that mindset of his. He has been really nice to the new kids coming and has been guiding the Juniors and giving them some advice. He has a very adapting game and knows how to vary it, so he adds a lot of depth to the team,” added Sinha.

Due to his dedication to the team, Arthur Nguyen ’22 has earned The Phillipian’s accolade of Athlete of the Week.

When did you start playing squash?

I started playing squash when I was about seven. I started playing it because I saw it on Youtube and thought it was a cool sport, and I wanted to see what it felt like to play it.

Where did you play?

I originally played in Canada, that was where I started. I lived there for around eight years and played there for around six years. Then I moved to the U.S. and played there for a few years as well.

What is your favorite part of the sport?

My favorite part is playing with other people, and it’s a good way to get to know other people and just have fun.

What do you like about Andover squash?

It is especially competitive because the players are really skilled and the team spirit is really good. I feel like the team is just really really friendly, there is definitely a sense of community in the team.

What do you do to prepare for each game?

I just do a warmup. I’ll start with jogging, then some high knees and butt kicks, and then some shuffling and things like that. I also mentally prepare myself for a tough match [by being] ready to run.

Do you have a favorite squash player?

Probably Gregory Gaultier—he is a French player and really talented. He’s a professional squash player and a [dedicated athlete] in general so he is really good at match preparation.