GVS Shuts Out Tabor To Maintain Perfect Record

With just five minutes left and a 1-0 lead, Anna Hurley ’21 struck the ball into the top right corner of the net from outside the 18-yard box, securing Andover’s 2-0 win against Tabor on Saturday. After this win, Andover Girls Soccer remains undefeated with a record of 6-0.

According to Emily Kelly ’22 and Athalia Esty ’22, Tabor was a skilled team that pushed Andover to play at its highest potential.

Esty said, “The forwards from Tabor were really strong, so the defense had to step up and they did an amazing job not letting anything through. Andover did a really good job of being first to every ball and keeping possession.”

“I thought that we had a really good chemistry, especially in the defensive aspect of the game. We really had to step up our game because Tabor had some really skilled girls. Communication was key on winning this game I think, and it really shows by the score and shut-out 2-0,” said Kelly.

Even after the team secured a 1-0 lead with a goal from Bella Dibenedetto ’20 in the first half, Andover made sure to maintain its high energy level, according to Nicola Sommers PG’20.

Sommers said, “I think the hardest thing was maintaining our composure after we got up 1-0. It’s so easy to get excited when you’re winning and slip up, but we still had 50 or so minutes to play, and therefore had to find a balance between being a threat offensively while still playing smart defense.”

Every player on the team contributed to the win in their own ways, according to Sommers and Mary-Stuart Kerrigan ’22, which is one of the primary reasons Andover had such a successful game.

Sommers said, “Every player did their job. From starters to subs, everyone made the time they had on the field count. We were missing one of our center backs, but the team did a great job of immediately adjusting and communicating throughout the whole field.”

“We played Andover soccer. Our game plan coming in was to play a smart and strategic game. We never let the game get away from us, and we controlled the level of play for all 80 minutes. Overall, every person on and off the field all were on the same page for what the game plan was, and we just went out and gave Tabor everything [we’re] made of,” said Kerrigan.

While the team had an impressive game on Saturday, Andover is looking to stay grounded for future games, according to Kerrigan.

“With such a successful start to our season, as our coach said, we must stay humble going into our next games. Also, we need to keep this consistency in our play. We have to win the hard and easy games,” said Kerrigan.

Andover hopes to continue its undefeated record against Choate away this Saturday.